Who Else Wants The Life Designers To Sponsor Their Team Building, Business & Motivational Success?

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Who Else Wants The Life Designers To Sponsor Their Team Building, Business & Motivational Success?

Taking Rugby Sevens to The Olympics

I recently wrote an article on How To Love The Job You’re In and realised that’s so many people need a helping hand with all the life rules that they never taught you at school.

By the way, if you want to know how to keep or even upgrade your job, read this…

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Yesterday, I had an amazing idea. Why don’t I sponsor Dubai based companies and provide a low-cost high impact solution to their motivational needs? That’s when I made this video which tells it all.

Watch this…


Ever wanted a magic affordable solution that will motivate, transform and turbo-charge the mindset of your team in one hour whilst they drink coffee, further their education and create their own super-success blueprint?

Who wouldn’t right?

  • Need a motivational session for your team but can’t afford the budget?
  • Worried that your team is too small to make hiring a speaker cost effective?
  • Want to avoid the expense of hiring a venue, catering and a big sound and light system?

Here’s A Million Dollar Secret…

Do you know the number one quality that 80% of managers use as a key indicator of whether a potential employee will be successful or not? Well, according to a Gallup survey of 80, 000 sales managers they know someone will be a great employee by one thing – and it’s not their looks, their CV, their reputation or their background. It’s a far more basic yet, universal trait. Top Managers can identify great staff by whether they ARE into ‘self-improvement’ OR not. For many years I have been one the region’s leading names in motivating corporate and individuals into high achievement. You may know me as the face and voice behind the Dubai Rugby Sevens and the team that helped turn the sport into an Olympics event. I’m also a Life Designer (which means I use NLP, hypnosis and coaching techniques to make people into industry experts and companies into the best that they can be).

Taking Rugby Sevens to The Olympics

I’ve also helped motivate teams from VISA, Mastercard, HSBC, Axa, BP, Air Arabia, DNATA, Etisalat, Toshiba, IIR, Emirates Bank and many more. Here is a snap-shot of some of our friends…

Some of The Life Designers clients...

APC even recorded a 49% growth rate over the 12 months after working with me.

Onstage presenting to the HSBC sales team.

Google me. I’ve worked with Slash, Robert Plant and Bruce Willis. I rock. And that’s why I can help you.

If you are based in the UAE and want to enjoy a HUGE business advantage – We need to talk NOW.

We know that the world has had it tough over the last 18 months and whilst the UAE is recovering faster than most countries, there is still huge feeling of pain in the market. Although people are still making money, they are even more cautious about how they spend it.

Traditionally, marketing and training budgets are the first casualties of a recession. The problem is that they are also the same ones who that are most needed for a organisation’s long term growth. I am sure that your company is feeling the pinch too. It’s difficult to inspire and reward your team when your budgets are capped, the competition keeps dropping their prices, the cost of living is still sky high and your team are becoming restless.

You might want to give them something that will restore their faith, but you don’t really know what it is or how to do it. The problem is money talks and bigger companies are cherry picking the best staff from competitors by offering them bigger salaries.

AND… It’s going to get worse…

Many staff will never physically leave – because they have already left in spirit. Did you know that an average 20% of any workforce is ‘actively disengaged’ and hates the job (even does ‘subtle’ damage too) but never indicates that there is a problem (again Gallup statistics). If you are the business owner or key decision maker, this is not a problem that you can easily solve. You are already too close to the issues to deal with them objectively. In some cases staff will never talk to you because they perceive you as part of the issue. Sometimes the Human Resources department can help but they are not trained to motivate, and who’s going to motivate them?

AND Things are going to get even worse yet…

Most companies will have no solution or mechanism to cope with the current climate.

Luckily, that’s where I come in…

I recently had the pleasure to work with a German international process automation company. They are a very successful organization and in order to stay at the top of their game needed to get their managers (based in over 15 different countries) onto the same page in 2011.

They needed a mindset change. They only had a limited time to create one as their 2 day time schedule of lectures, procedural analysis and internal training had all but completely taken up every spare moment of their programme. It had to be a ‘one hit and straight into the back of the net’ kind of affair.

The motivational session had to produce instant bonding results or the entire weekend wouldn’t work.

They called me. I spoke for one hour and their event became a huge success.

I also went back the next day for an NLP based stress management and positive visualisation session which blew them away.

I know what works.

That’s why I have a decided to help 11 companies to boost productivity, invigorate their staff and turn 2011 into their best year ever. I will present to you the ‘The 10 Rules of  Success’ seminar – which I have performed for worldwide many of the world’s biggest brand names.

Onstage in Dubai

During that dynamic session, your staff will:

1) Become instant experts in the basic principles of self-improvement and motivation.

2) Be able to re-frame every single failure and mistake they have ever made to empower their positive thinking and future decision making.

3) Have real world insights and examples of how to attract and train a new dynamic ultra-responsive clientele to your venue, product or service.

4) Become a brand ambassador for your company embodying your ‘WOW’ factor and walking the walk into your business community and target market.

5) Have an ongoing affordable training and mindset solution which increases productivity, sales, employee engagement, staff retention and everyone’s  ‘can do mentality’.

6) Enjoy a highly motivated and effective team ready to take on the next 12 months and win.

7) Also have experienced a fun crash course in

  • Life Coaching Tools
  • Social Media Dominance Secrets
  • Customer List Building Strategies
  • NLP Sales and Communications Training
  • Behavioural Styles Insights
  • 10 Rules of Business and Personal Success
  • Profitable Networking Techniques
  • Permanent Motivation Mindset
  • Comedy Videos
  • Sustainable Tribe Building Results
  • Q & A Section For Trouble Shooting Success

Here’s what else people are saying about my work:

AND here’s a few more…

“Dave’s ability to keep the audience on their toes & excited as they were was truly phenomenal. We had a great time and had the privilege to be refreshed throughout the 3 day event with his skills and hidden talents in capturing us when we east expect it…… A show not to be missed by anyone!” Leila Fakih Consumer Sales Manager Hewlett-Packard Middle East
“Dave is wonderful person and very highly talented, he can hold groups of people in room for hours together, a highly motivated individual and he can drive positive energy into all his audience. His show was Brilliant!!!”

K.V.Narayanan Sales Manager Samsung Electronics Fz

…. All I can say is that the team were totally in awe and concentration levels high with the interesting and alternative approach you used. My guys were bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm and energy.

Sally Groves Regional ES Manager – Middle East, Pakistan, Africa & Europe Wal-Mart Global Procurement

The hypnosis show provided brilliant entertainment and appealed to the diverse cultural mix present on the evening. The delegates were all discussing it again the next morning and the problem now is that huge expectations have been set for the next conference. Well done Dave, a great show. Thank you.”

Dominic Myers, General Manager, Matrah Cold Stores, Oman.

It’s a no brainer… So what exactly, is the offer?

I will provide an hour of high intensity motivation with NLP and business coaching which will blow you and your team away AT YOUR OFFICE (Dubai based).

Seriously. I will come to you and together we will turbo-charge your team over a coffee or lunch break.

I am offering these incredible sessions for 11 SME’s from only 1,500 USD (for up to 10 people).

That’s a 70% discount!!!

I am effectively sponsoring you and your company’s future success to make you recession-proof.

–       There will be a slight increase in fee for bigger teams (but not huge).

Why 11 companies and why am I dropping my prices?


  • Firstly, 11 because it’s 2011.
  • Also because all my friends tell me businesses need help.
  • Once upon a time I was helped by key individuals who gave me that much-needed boost.
  • I have been in Dubai for over 16 years and now I want to help you too.
  • Budgets are tighter than ever and I have a proven track record of getting instant results.
  • PLUS, I am also working on a huge new project due for launch in May which will help you even further and so I want to make those new friends in local businesses now.

That’s why I am reducing my fee right down to only cover my costs and GIVING THE REST RIGHT BACK TO YOU as sponsorship of your future success. I’m keeping it plain, simple and no-nonsense. That’s the way I like to conduct all my business.

Why such a great deal?

Because it works for everybody. This promotion fits into my mandate. There is no catch, I get to help Dubai based businesses and meet new people who will also create word of mouth positive energy about Life design.

And there’s more…

To guarantee great results that will sustain, I will also give each member of your team

Your '10 Rules Of Success' eBook

  • A copy of the ‘10 Rules Of Success’ eBook (worth $47 per copy).
  • Plus their education and motivation can continue with my mini ecourse ‘The Seven Biggest Life Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make’ (which I will personally deliver to them by email).
  • I will also invite each member to attend my free online webinars on different upcoming aspects of self-improvement and motivation.

This way your team will stay motivated, you can concentrate on running your business and I can continue training your team for you.

And the best bit…

If you don’t start noticing an instant change in your team, and are anything but completely blown away by our work together, I will give you a full refund. Period. Let’s face it. Life’s too short to have anything but happy customers isn’t it?

The only catch…

  • There’s only ONE of me and this offer is only available for 11 companies and then I will remove it.
  • It’s a first come, first served deal.
  • It ends in April 2011 and the price returns back to normal after that (ask about – I’m the best AND not the cheapest).
  • In May I will start travelling again to promote my new joint venture and won’t be available for months leaving another long hot summer for your HR manager to deal with.

Here’s how you book me to motivate your team…

Turbo Charge Your Team

Send me an email to dave@thelifedesigners.com , or call me on +971505524316  and book your session today. Remember to mention: –

Your preferred date

–       Number of attendees

–       The location of your office

–       A brief about your company, industry and objectives from the session.

Payment must be in full before the event otherwise, there will be no booking.

Also no cancellation refunds.

Once you have secured my services, the power hour is yours, and I will simply say ‘No’ to  any other company who wants the same date (even if they offered twice the fee).

Go ahead and book now.

P.S. Remember I will train 11 companies of up to 10 people from 1,500 USD (ask if your team is bigger) in March and April 2011.

P.P.S. I have never and will never do this again. My normal fee is 5,000 USD for a motivational session. This is a no-brainer.


You will have a fully motivated and trained team, with ongoing coaching and a full money back guarantee. Your team will communicate better  with each other, love the customer, become a thought leader in their market and have a yearning to succeed.

They will be dynamic with a 100% winner’s mindset.

If you book now.

Remember to spread the word, some of your friend’s will be disappointed if you don’t tell them too…

Have a great day.

Want a copy of the ‘Turbo Charge Your Team’ PowerPoint presentation to send to your colleagues?
Click here…

Turbo Charge Your Team

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