The Weight Loss Show – 7 Questions You MUST Ask About Getting Thin Without Surgery, Dieting Or Going To The Gym In Dubai…

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The Weight Loss Show – 7 Questions You MUST Ask About Getting Thin Without Surgery, Dieting Or Going To The Gym In Dubai…


First Watch This…


Interesting isn’t it?


1) So why would you want to get thin (if everyone’s overweight what’s the problem)?

Generally obese people will die 12 years earlier than their thinner friends.

Being overweight can lead to:

•High Blood Pressure
•Abnormal blood fats
•Sleep apnea
•Weak Pelvic Muscles
•Physical Discomfort
•Early Death 

– Ummm… that’s why.


2) Is Being Thinner going to make me more money?

It may cost you less in treatment and probably open up more opportunities for

promotion and better work relationships.


Typically over-weight professionals have to deal with the following…

  • Clothes too small.
  • Feeling of being treated ‘differently’.
  • Bad (or patronizing) attitude from employers.
  • Emotional eating.
  • Lack of promotion.
  • Lack of respect from colleagues.
  • Nobody understands (or sympathizes).
  • Long hours and bad eating habits.
  • Tiredness, irritation & stress.
  • Health issues & risks




3) Why Does Dieting Fail?

Typically because you have set an unrealistic task with an unlikely chance of success. There are 3 ways to get thin:

  • Eat no more than you will burn off as energy.
  • Eat when hungry (not bored).
  • Exercise. 

Follow these and you’ll see results.

However 90% of dieters fail because…


•Too difficult to maintain
•Lack of will power
•Solo effort is difficult
•Emotional eating not dealt with
•Food addictions
•Slow results
•Temptations everywhere
•3 month lapse rate
•Lack of support
•Disbelief in outcome
Stop weighing yourself every day. Your results need to be long-term to be truly effective. Plus muscle gain is heavy, so typically, you can change shape and NOT lose any weight.

4) Should I Just Have Bariatric Surgery (EG A Gastric Band Fitted)?

With a 76% success rate, this has abecome a favourite option for many who can afford the operation, however you should also consider these risks…
  • +20% complications
  • Surgery doesn’t affect mindset
  • Dieting is 100% required
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Band slipping as stomach pouch stretches
  • Blockage of stoma (stomach outlet)
  • Reflux (regurgitating food into mouth)
  • Problems with medications
  • Follow-up surgery may be needed

5) So What Should I Be Looking For As The Correct System For Me?

There are a million diets available AND most of them will work if you stick at them, but people rarely do.
Like any real changes, they need to happen inside before they have any effect outside.
In my opinion these should include a strong combination of the following…
  • Basic Rules of Weight Loss
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Nutrition Education
  • Personal Expert Coaching
  • Life eCoaching
  • Accountability
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Mind & Body Wellness Programme

6) Why Bother At All? What Will The Right System Give Me?

When you get the right weight loss solution, you will experience a new lease of life.
Simply put – At the very least…
  • You WILL lose weight every week.
  • You WILL have a different relationship with food.
  • You WILL make better choices.
  • You WILL enjoy higher health and energy levels (within the first week)
  • You WILL become more confident.
  • You WILL have more control over your emotions.
  • You WILL have motivation for exercise.

7) What Are The Best NLP/Hypnosis Weight Loss Systems Available?

I recommend 3.

1) Paul McKenna’s –  ‘I Can Make You Thin’ system.

2) Martin and Marion Shirran’s Gastric Mind Band Therapy

3) My own Slimfast NLP system.

Slimfast NLP is a proven system combining both clinical and complimentary treatments.

This system will allow you to understand AND CHANGE the issues affecting your weight and give you a whole sense of freedom.

Change is gradual but effects can be felt immediately as you begin a new attitude and understanding to eating, exercise and success.


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