The Avengers – 7 Super Business Tips To Turbo Charge Your Success

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The Avengers – 7 Super Business Tips To Turbo Charge Your Success

The Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Mortals

I’ve always been a huge fan of super heroes ever since my parents bought me X-men #5 to stimulate my interest in literature.

I’ve even interviewed Stan Lee (the creator of Marvel) during my BBC radio days.

Strangely enough, 20 years ago, only the geekiest among us knew what an exclusive that really was.

Like the rest of those kids, I’ve waited a life-time for CGI to catch up enough to do justice to those stories.

Superheroes are the modern day Roman/Greek mythology.

That’s why the stories work so well.

Years later with a business and a family, the superhero mindset is still active.

Watch this and find out everything you need to know…

We also have in Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (or The Avengers outside of the UK) one of the best selling films of all-time.

Others are enjoying the ride too.

I’ve recently noticed some useful business tips too.

That’s why I wrote this.

So that’s my geek origin, how can The Avengers help your business?

Here’s 7 ways…

Marvel's Avengers Assemble

To understand this best you have to remember that The Avengers are exciting because they are completely conflicting characters with personality types but each one has a special skills set.

They also bring with them a great deal of emotional baggage which makes their outside achievements all the better because you understand their back story.

And they like to blow stuff up.

So here we go…

The Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Mortals

7 Super Business Tips To Turbo Charge Your Success

1) Technology

Iron Man is the technology king but each one embraces science with a new set of eyes knowing that this may give a ‘life and death’ edge over their adversaries.

Iron Man - Are you using the best new technology for your business?

Do you use tech the same way? Are you embracing social media, the internet and integrating them with you business? Do you outsource the hard work and build a virtual team (like Jarvis the computer butler) who can do all the heavy calculations so that you don’t have to?

Things to do?

i) Give your business a technology makeover.

ii) Get internet savvy.

iii) Hire a virtual assistant


2) Origins (Life long struggle)

Whether you are born rich (like Tony Stark, born to nobility (like Thor) or coming from nowhere (like Captain America), you have something useful in your background to rebel against.


Thor - Sometimes it's tough to be a god

Tough upbringing, difficult childhood, cruel boss etc  The circumstances are all yours but the BIG question is – What are you going to do about it?

No more ‘boo hoo’ – winners take action and overcome all odds. Even if you have a comfortable life, find something discomforting to change.

Your company may need to implement a CSR or you may need to discover your own noble goal.

Without throwing down the gauntlet, you will never be able to judge how far your adventure has progressed.

Things to do?

i) Get a coach or a mentor

ii) Set your business/noble goals

iii) Go get them


3) Assemble Your Team

You don’t have to be able to buy everything. You can also charm, persuade, cajole,  invite, joint venture, trick, bribe, blackmail etc your way into getting your group together.

The strength in any team comes from their difference in skills and temperaments. You can use the best tool for the job. Sometimes you just need a Hulk to batter things, other times a super spy (like Black Widow) or a marksman (like Hawkeye) are the right person/instrument to get the job done.

Nick Fury may be the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D but he’s also the make with the plan.

Nick Fury - Assembling the best team

He’s getting a team together and then sending them in to battle his problem.

Captain America is NOT the most powerful team member BUT he is the strategist and the one able to command them in action. Base your team around you and recruit from your network to find the best players.


Captain America - handy to have around

These may be employees, a mastermind group or a business club.

Do you need to improve your website, increase your sales or take a fresh look at your monthly expenditure. If they are not the best use of your time – get someone else in to do it.

Some may be occasional participants, others may come back every time by sheer popular demand.

Like the Avengers, the team roster can change accordingly depending on the challenge ahead.

Things To do?

i) Create/check your business plan

ii) Discover what’s missing

iii) Network and recruit


4) Stress Management

Get to grips with your ‘real enemy’ – it’s yourself, the rest is all window dressing.

Regardless of deadlines, financial obstacles or limited resources YOU are the only one who can make a difference and therefore you are the most important part of your business.

Sometimes you should 'just smash'.

Understand emotional intelligence (EQ – do a course), meditate to get clarity, use hypnotherapy to get rid of your inner demons and employ a life or business coach to help you focus on achieving all your goals.

Sometimes becoming The Hulk and blowing your top IS the best solution to the problem – as long as you know that throwing weight and confronting the issue head on has consequences. It can prove that you have a side that shouldn’t be taken lightly and sometimes it’s just nice to hit something.

Things to do?

i) Go on an EQ/NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) /Hypnotherapy study course

ii) Learn to relax

iii) Take more breaks


5) Focus (on the goal)

Regardless of what happens, the Avengers are there to ‘get things done’. This could be sending aliens back home, making vengeful Gods think again before attacking our planet or preventing World War Three.

In every case, they will do ‘whatever it takes’  to achieve that end result. Anything less means global disaster and the end of life as we know it.

Whilst the consequences for failure might be slightly less dramatic in your own case, it helps to keep yourself at a competitive pace.

Aim for the stars and you’ll hit the moon.

So set some ambitious goals for your business and throw everything you have at making them a reality.

Also when you focus sometimes the best way to get results is to become a sharpshooter rather than a shotgun.

Hawkeye might not be the Avengers most powerful member but he’s awesome at what he does best. Firing arrows and hitting stuff.


Hawkeye - laser focused

6) Sacrifice

Be prepared to lose a few friends, family members and teeth to get the end result.

Every hero becomes ‘super’ because of the efforts they make and the tough experiences which they have to go through.

Tony Stark has to keep metal shards from piercing his heart, Thor has family issues and Captain America has lost EVERYONE he has ever known and loved.

The Black Widow has to live with her dark past as an assassin and everything she’s ever done.

Black Widow - more than lycra jumpsuits in her closet


They have to make difficult decisions accordingly.

So do you.

The ‘power of 7’ dictates that the average of your wealth and happiness throughout your life will be an average of the 7 people closest to you.

Therefore, if some of your friends are jobless, so at some time will you be.

On the other hand if you socialize with multi-millionaires, the odds are, their contacts list and money making techniques will be available to you too.

If this is to mean something then prepare to lose the negative influences in your life. They could be staff, friends or even a partner.

You may have to work overtime or hold back on holidays to get your business up to speed.

It’s all part of the job description.

Things to do?

i) Make a list

ii) Prioritize the order list

iii) Finish one thing before moving on to the next 


7) Faith In Yourself

Regardless of what is happening around them, in spite of all evidence saying that the battle is already lost, The Avengers never give up.

The Avengers - Trust me - don't argue

Neither should you.

Sports stars get better results when they have faith in a higher spiritual power (or religion) the same is true for any high achievers. It creates conditioning, it helps you to form a thick skin against painful limiting beliefs and it also allows you to perform ‘superhuman’ feats against all odds.

It’s during the darkest moments when true heroes are created and it’s never about the circumstances at hand but only about how you deal with them.

Quite simply NEVER GIVE UP.

So how does this work?

Things to do?

i) Discover your real motivators (reasons for doing what you do)

ii) Create a vision board

iii) Create a ‘support network’ (friends, family, colleagues, partners, hired help)


Can you really produce superhuman results by shifting your mindset and challenging the impossible?

Judge for yourself.

Watch one of my stage hypnosis shows and you decide…


Good luck with your business…

Happy Avenging…

Best Regards



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