Qatar Business Speaker – Seth Godin’s Tribes and 7 killer Ways to Keep Your 2011 New Years Resolutions

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Qatar Business Speaker – Seth Godin’s Tribes and 7 killer Ways to Keep Your 2011 New Years Resolutions

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The rules are simple according to Seth Godin – Marketing Guru and author of ‘Tribes’ (READ IT IMMEDIATELY).

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.

So I am.

What are the Life Designers up against?

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Seth Godin has started something very very big with his revelation about how tribes can work.

Here are Seth’s top 5 Tribe Building Tactics at this moment (of writing this blog) in time according to his Squidoo page…

Online or offline tactics for building a tribe.

1 Share stories

Use them to build bonds and strengthen ties between tribe members.

2 Be the Example

Walk the walk and talk the talk…people only follow those who take their own advice and show they mean what they say.

3 Create a goal

Define something people want to rally around achieving.

4 Celebrate Accomplishment

Reward tribal milestones or goals reached, whether collective or that of a tribal individual, with shared praise and/or a small physical gift of appreciation.

5 Build the Story of the Tribe. Set the Vision

Define the tribe’s journey, goals, interactions, future, and how teamwork will get them where they want to go in a story that epitomizes what the tribe is about. Weave every person, skill, and resource into the story.

Want more? Read here…

Meanwhile, let’s get specific about The Life Designers Tribe (that’s how this conversation started).

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Find Like Minded Successful People

Let’s take the experience that most people have making their New Years Resolutions (you may remember it yourself)…

New Years Resolutions are amazing things.
They start off with 100% good intentions (stop smoking, lose weight, deal with stress, make money – make millions, win the lottery, find romance, fall in love, go on a dream holiday, get out of the rat race etc), invest 25% actual commitment and end up with 1% results.

By mid January 95% of people will have broken their own sacred promises and will not only stay where they were, but they will feel lousy for the next 12 months because they didn’t get the results promised to themselves.

We will use some Life Design principles to resolve this issue.

I will invest in you to help you to invest in yourself.

Here’s 7 Killer Ways To Keep Your 2011 New Years’ Resolutions…

This will blow your mind...

1) Buddy Up.
Get someone who will hold you 100% accountable, whether it is a coach, mentor or friend. Someone who has done it before is best but someone who is willing to go the distance learning alongside you is cool too. Be prepared to pay for a professional to help you in this. Think about the fee you would pay if the resolution could be taken in a pill form. Exactly so invest in yourself.

2) Set Wild Incredible Targets With Tangible Goals.

Reach for the stars and land on the moon. Keep the objective as gloriously fantastic as you can, but set realistic road maps that you need to reach to get you along the journey. You don’t need to be able to run a marathon, just put one foot in front of the other AND REPEAT.

3) Remember It’s A Journey.
The end result isn’t the point. It’s always about learning how you got there. No success story is interesting unless there was a real adventure along the way. That adventure has to have tragedy, loss and failure otherwise it isn’t interesting or inspiring.

4) Take It Easy On Yourself.
Push yourself out of your comfort zone, but also remember never reprimand yourself too much either. The voices in your head are generated by your subconscious mind and are actually meant to help you. So ask them to. Seriously. Talk back to them, ask better questions and make thise changes.

5) Make It Fun.
Enjoy it. Otherwise you will hate it. Which would you prefer.

6) Cheat.
Who said you couldn’t. A voyage of discovery doesn’t have to take a lifetime. If you can find the answers from someone else or Google it, do so. Life is too short and you are not at school anymore.

7) Spread The Word.
Hold yourself to be publicly accountable. As others ask about it and declare your intentions to anyone who will listen. If you stop following your path, they will mention it and form opinions about you due to the level of success you have achieved. Or not if that’s the case.

At The Life Designers, we will do all the above and guarantee your success.

Let us help you make that difference in 2011.

Here is how you start…

Welcome to the Tribe…

Welcome To The Tribe


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