Public Speaking – How To Add +30% More Earnings FOR LIFE

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Public Speaking – How To Add +30% More Earnings FOR LIFE

I have entertained somewhere in the region of 2 billion people in my career. The number is so vast, I can afford to under compensate a little.

So why have you never heard of me before? Well simply because what I have done until now has never caught fire. I have been a big fish in a small pond getting access to the biggest names and coolest events and happy to be known amongst me immediate peers, until now.

Social media has made the difference for me. It’s allowing me the chance to flex muscles and reach audiences without a promoter or a manager or even someone else’s event.

This is the time for the new celebrity.

Chris Anderson, author of ‘The Long Tail’ and ‘Free’ says that we all have the ability to command 1,000 fans who follow our brand and personality. That’s all you need for a stable income and passive income. So that’s the template I will be using to help people to build their own personal brand.

It is also claimed that a great communicator will earn +30 percent more money in their lifetime than someone simlar who can’t do public speaking. I probably charge about 500-1,000 percent more than my competitors which allows me to do less events and enjoy more time with those I love.

I will be sharing some of the best secrets about becoming a world class MC with you in the coming weeks. Each one is worth its weight in gold.

Today, I just want to start with one.

This is the bucket principle.

Imagine that all your energy is put into a bucket. This bucket starts off pretty full, but as the day goes on, people take a ladle and remove at least a sip or sometimes even a few cups of the energy from that bucket. On occasion they pour a little back in, but more than often they just take and take.

Negative people can really drain your energy bucket and folks that you care about can keep taking without you noticing until later just how little is left for you.

Take a look at the first video…

When you engage in a sales conversation with someone that challenges you or work with a large audience, that can really empty your bucket in one go. When you get great results from that transaction, this can equally fill your bucket straight up and even make the bucket a larger size for the next time.

And now take a look at Part 2…

So how can you keep the bucket full and protect it from the serial drainers?

It’s not easy. Avoiding negative people (dump them from your friends) and doing more of what you love will help. But this conversation is more about the refueling than the protecting. Energy has to be moved around or else like, water, it can go stale in the cup. The same water when left in the river can circulate for an eternity without ever going off.

There are a number of things that allow you to replenish your energy at will very quickly. One is by having a challenging fulfilling life. When you know the formula for what makes happiness, this will help you feel awesome all the time. You also need to control all the other aspects of your life and how they affect you. Your family, romance, finances, career, life purpose, health and self esteem all contribute to that bucket. When they are are in order the bucket fills effortlessly.

If this sounds like the conversation of a life coach, that’s because it is. I have found that having the ability to design your perfect lief and design your destiny is the single most important contributor to my energy.

Forget the ability to work an audience, command respect and get a standing ovation. It all starts from within. Once you are happy in your own skin others will become addicted to that. It’s the ego that works the gigs, but the ability to switch it on and off is what keeps you stable.

Ask a stand up comedian how they feel without an audience’s love and you can taste the other side of the entertainment coin.

So get busy working on your bucket. Do more of the things you love and stop being too hard on yourself. My automatic life coach system will give you that for a great start.

Once you have started this process, it will become natural after 30 days then it becomes a habit. Keep up the good work and your bucket will be refilled every single day for the rest of your life.

Next time we chat about public speaking, let’s talk about NLP, emotional intelligence and presentation skills.

Have a great day.


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