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Nice suit?

This is my adventure...

I have started to build this site for several reasons.
The first is I wanted to create something that would reacch people faster than a conventional blog.
The second is I wanted to have an outlet for my ideas however mad or against the grain they may be.
The third is that I wanted to have lots of fun and share that fun with those who ‘get it’.
This is not a site for anyone who likes to complain or blame others.
Go do it on your Facebook.
This one’s mine and I’d like to share all my honest thoughts and adventures with you.

This is who I am and what I want in my life…

There are 3 things I wanted this year.

1) A blasian (black asian baby).

2) A fitter body (washboard abs etc).

3) To make some serious money (let’s get that million)

This is my journey.

I welcome comments, questions and friends.

Let’s do this…