Motivational Speaker Dubai Celebrity Social Media Training Camp

Dubai Motivational Speaker Celebrity Social Media Training
July 14, 2010
At the brainstorming networking evening with Internet Guru Brad Fallon
How To Write A Book And Be Seen As An Industry Expert Like This Dubai Motivational Speaker
July 21, 2010

I have never known a more exciting time to be an entertainer.

That’s why I am organising a special Celebrity Social Media Boot Camp in Dubai.

For the first time in history an artist can create the material, find an audience, market themselves, organise their events and launch their career completely from their laptop.

That also includes being mentored by industry experts, collecting fees, producing and selling their own back-end products and communicating with their loyal fanbase whilst on the move – shopping, attending a premier or waiting back stage before performing.
As an ex-radio presenter and DJ, my current choice of entertainment is as a stage hypnotist, motivational speaker and MC. I have watched the power base of conventional entertainment evolve and turn 360 degrees within the last few years where the establishment has had to accept their artist’s direct relationship with their audience.

A record company could once pick and choose the fate and success of any artist (or at least the budget they would spend with their marketing) and it would be a simple talent versus numbers game. If the artists was talented enough and the record company boss wanted to unleash enough cash – there was likely to be a huge hit according to the formula.

Those were the good old bad old days.

So much power in the hands of a few experts.

Nowadays, it is very very different.

Take a look at my latest video post for an insight into why this is so relevant to you.

Each artist can bypass the record company blessing completely through Myspace, Facebook fanpages and videos on You Tube. They can get fans to follow them on Twitter and tell their own friends to do so too.

By posting their best music on the internet (not the full album – that’s on its way out too – but I’ll save that for another blogpost) for free, they can reach everyone who will want to love them and then they can start engaging their full interest immediately.

Whilst all the torrent sites are killing copyrighted music, they are also sending the power of financial success back to the artist. The profit margins are all in the merchandise, the creative promotions and the ticket sales. The best and most successful artists will be those who create the most popular tours – local at first, regional after that and then possibly nationwide.

I have enjoyed a best selling CD – the old method but ended up frustrated by the reluctance to take the product to a higher level.

I’ll never make that mistake again.

Nowadays, I attract my own fanbase, talk with them daily as friends, organize my own events, attract my own sponsors and carve out a hugely exciting and challenging career online attracting new clients worldwide and making more money that ever before.

All through social media.

I even have my own TV channelĀ  – Dave Crane TV.

I’m currently training entertainers how to take the power back.

Sign up here

It’s not just about the industry anymore.

It’s all about you.

I look forward to following you on Twitter.

Have a great day and remember to update the waiting world as you enjoy it.

20 places available…



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