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August 8, 2010
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August 19, 2010

Presenting a radio show isn’t difficult.

The mike switches on as the music stops and you start to speak.

We were taught ‘one thought, one link’ as a mantra on how we should approach the subtle art of commercial radio broadcasting. This meant that the presenter is allowed to talk about only a single message before moving onto the next part of programming, whether that is a tune, advertising break or the news.

It was very sensible, kept us on track and bored the living daylights out of me.

I wanted more from each show.

...ask me about my Westlife story...

At Planet Hollywood Dubai with Westlife

I wanted the chance to interact with the listener, change people’s perceptions and make their day.

That’s why I created ‘Mission Mpossible’.

The show was a hybrid of a genius TV gameshow called ‘Shooting Stars’ run by UK comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer and a local radio show called ‘Mission Impossible’ which a predessor had crafted into a chance to misbehave with callers on air.

I came to several conclusions during my 3 year reign as presenter of the programme. Firstly, people will do anything they are told to when on air (smashing up their kitchens, pouring water over sleeping family members and hijacking hotels). I have tested almost everything (it was a family show).

Secondly, if they volunteer to take part AND they know what has happened on other shows, there is a better chance to bring out the best of them (I later had this clarified with my radio shows) than if you approach a cold prrospect and try and warm them up.

Thirdly, you actually have each caller in a light state of hypnosis during the call where they almost lose their inhibitions and their rationale beliefs. I know that when I asked someone to do something crazy, they would not normally have done it, but somehow the word ‘no’ meant ‘okay’ when we made they show.

Everything was live and I never knew what I would get through once I opened up the phone lines.

Except it would be pure gold.

Eventually, I’d had enough.

I’d taken the show out live to theme parks, restaurant openings and nightclubs. I’d also explored every funny element I could possibly have come up with in the name of making funny radio shows.

So I stopped.

A few months ago I found a bag full of cassette tapes with some of the best bits from my ‘Mission Mpossible’ shows.

I may never want to recreate the old days by doing one of those mad and wild shows again (I am now a Life Designer, motivational speaker and hypnotherapist) but sometimes it’s fun to blow the dust off the old days and have a little listen.

It brings you back to the carefree days, let’s you know how much you touched people’s lives and makes you think what could have happened if things had worked out differently.

For now though.

It feels good to be bad.

Have an awesome day.




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