Keenan Cahill and How To Become A Global Superstar In Zero Time With Zero Budget

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Keenan Cahill and How To Become A Global Superstar In Zero Time With Zero Budget

Keenan - the Lip Sync Kid

I have just returned from one of the most amazing events, I have ever experienced.

The Internet Marketers Cruise 2011.

On the beach off the Dominican Republic

Over 400 of the biggest players in the ecommerce field spending 8 days networking across the Caribbean is not to be ignored.

I’ll give you the full run down next week (plus some amazing news which will make you want to book your trip immediately).

Meanwhile, I am speaking at another Social Media Industry event and wanted to share a few insights about a new You Tube phenomenon who managed to gather over 7 million viewers in 3 days!!!

I have been inspired to write this post for you by a new You Tube superstar whom the music industry has started to embrace and get TO MIME to their songs.

Keenan - the Lip Sync Kid

Here’s Keenan Cahill (an inspiration and another living legend for the social media generation)…

Here’s what his hubpage says about him…

The 15-year old, Chicago born, Keenan Cahill operates by the name of BeenerKeeKee19952 when he posts videos on YouTube (subscribe, comment, rate… show your support!), and his channel has (per 11/11-2010) 72.685.653 views.

It is safe to say; everybody is talking about the YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill these days.

“What disease / disorder does Keenan Cahill suffer from?”

Keenan Cahill suffers from a rare genetic disorder / inherited disease called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, also known as MPS-VI. A shortened trunk, restricted movement and a stop in growth at about age 8 are some of the features of this disorder. The inherited disease is incredibly rare and according to Swiedler et al (2005), only 1100 people are affected on a worldwide basis. There is at the current time no known cure for MPS-VI.

Name: Keenan Cahill

Age: 15

Hometown: Chicago

YouTube Channel:


Facts: Keenan Cahill posted his first YouTube video on the 25th of October 2009; it was entitled “When You Look Me In The Eyes” (Originally performed by the Jonas Brothers) and features the then 14 year old Keenan singing his heart out in front of his webcam. It currently (per 11/11-2010) has 246.856 views.

Now the likes of 50 Cent and David Guetta are flocking to have him guest in their videos.

Here’s his interview on Talk Show ‘Chelsea Lately’

Here are the 7 Essential Social Media Strategies That Will Get You A Following For Zero Dollars

1) Video Is king

Google prefers to rank it higher than anything else, it carries tons of messages in seconds and can produce the essential sales sequence of getting people to a) Know You b) Like You and c) Trust You all in one go.

2) Mix them and match them.

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn still rule social media absolutely and need to be an active part of your online mix, but choose the one that suits your industry, personality and objectives.

4) Get Viral

No-one can tell you what will be tomorrow’s overnight sensation. It has to be addictive viewing. Whether good, bad or ugly, people need to want to replay it again to check it was exactly what they saw first time round. The competition is fierce and things get old after one viewing.

5) Host Conversations

Just like Google or any search engine, the big 4 reward relevance with ranking. Do people digg you? Are you retweeted often? Can you command 30+ responses on each Facebook comment? If not, you are outside looking in. Get inside looking out.

6) Be What You Want People To See

Future employers, business partners and lovers will check your status updates and take a snapshot of your page as a template for your personality and value. Remember that. Don’t post negativity or home truths unless they are strategically what you want people to find about you. Never post drunk. Ever.

7) Monetize it

What’s the next stage? How are you going to keep your new found audience entertained? Find out (survey or read comments) about what they liked and didn’t like and replicate the winning formula.

And then, keep trying again and again.

Andy Warhol said we would be famous for 15 minutes, You Tube probably makes it 3 minutes, but the idea still counts.

There is no better time to get started and remember you have to be in it to win it…

Here’s my fave from Keenan…

Watch, learn and smile.




Before someone mentions it, here’s Keenan and 50 Cent…

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