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August 14, 2010
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August 21, 2010
This is a NO BRAINER!

If, like me, you enjoy using social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube, you may wonder if there is a business angle there which you hadn’t noticed.

There is. It’s very big, lucractive and easy to use.

This I promise.

The hardest bit about starting in any business is finding out where to start. I have always believed that you should just ‘jump and grow wings on the way down’.

I am an early adopter of new things. Not a reckless one. I just make a point of investing time and money on ideas and products that are new and potentially very lucrative/ rewarding before there are too many people involved.

Like Rogers adoption curve shows (which shows a graph that looks like a hump in the road that illustrates the quiet beginning, busy middle and rapid end of any product life) you can never get a foothold in any industry, if you leave it too long before you join up.

We are staring into the Chasm!

Internet Marketing is just the beginning of this journey.

I have found the internet marketing and ecommerce business to be like this. Whilst, I am not in the first (or maybe even second generation) of people making money online, I have caught up rapidly and found niches and gaps that I can use to help people get what they want.

The industry stars whom I admire are names like James Shramko, Harlen Kilstein, Simon Coulson,Dean Hunt, John Carlton, Raymond Aaron, Ron Ipach, Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller, Bob Urichuck, Mike Keonigs, Mike Filsaime, Ciaran Doyle, Ernesto Verdugo and Simon Lock.

The Social Media Guys

Some of the best internet marketers online.

They are all out there making a difference.

Take a look at the new internet training TV channel UPO TV and find out more…

Cool isn’t it?

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They have all contributed to a special bumper starter pack which is available for free for you (as long as you read this and take action before 31st August).

The gift pack is worth $10,000 to you and it’s all yours for free as an ethical bribe to start your new business off.

Why would anyone want to give away so much stuff for free?

Well, it’s called an ethical bribe. By taking the offer and downloading all the materials, you get to know, like and trust each of the authors and that means that one day, you just might be interested in buying other stuff from them.

When you know how, you just do!

Internet geniuses Dean Hunt, James Shramko (and Jack).

Makes sense doesn’t it?

If, like me, you value the need to take action first, do this.

I promise it will change your life for the better because you will know very quickly how much a life online suits you, you’ll have all the start up tools you’ll need and you won’t have spent a penny.

Click on the link below and start a new adventure.

2 of my own books ‘Happy Birthday X – This is the best present that you’re ever gonna get!’ and ‘ The Life Designers Companion’ are also included in this special offer.

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I’ll be waiting…

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