How To Stop Smoking in Dubai Before Ramadan With Hypnosis and NLP Online…

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August 8, 2010
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August 14, 2010

Time for a real change in focus.

It’s fast approaching Ramadan and many people want to find out how to stop smoking for life.

They need an easy way to stop smoking in Dubai or the UAE.

I can help.

Firstly, let’s talk about beliefs and values.

Well actually, first, watch this..


Let me explain a bit more then…

Cigarettes program the emotions of the smoker to believe that they need to have a cigarette to be able to enjoy the levels of relaxation with which the nicotine has previously been associated.

Whatever we do, we have beliefs that build in layers within our minds allowing us to navigate faster through life without having to ask the same questions again and again.

Sugar is sweet, chairs will take our weight and doors open towards the centre of the room are all so engrained that we don’t even question them. On the rare occasion that one if them does not prove to be true, it will shock us because we have to then consciously deal with this error of judgment. It also could mean that other things deep down inside our belief systems might be wrong too.

This we cannot deal with because being subconscious, we can’t easily find them on our own. This also separates us from the other people who still keep their old beliefs and are not ready to change their outlook on life for anyone. They have a strong emotional investment in maintaining the status quo. Top sports stars, musicians and actors have an undying belief in their own abilities.

To think otherwise would mean failure and leave them vulnerable for other doubts about themselves.

When we mentally anchor these beliefs, our body physically reacts too.

When a hypnotized subject is asked to eat an onion believing that it is an apple, their taste buds, sight and sound, let them believe that the ruse is correct and they will proceed to eat it like a sweet fruit.

The same can be done to create burn blisters on a subjects arm when you tell them that you are using a red hot poker even when the tool is actually freezing cold ice.

The brain reacts and sends neuro messages to the body which are translated into physical feelings.
So imagine what it does to you when you believe that you must have a cigarette to relax and feel happy.

When the same message is fed to your mind over and over again the sheer constant barrage is enough to create a permanent impact. This is also known as brainwashing. You are brainwashed to believe that the beautiful, intelligent and active people on the adverts got to be who they are because of their relationship to smoking.

It’s also used to launch any commercial items like perfume, training shoes and cars.

In the Korean war, US prisoners were subjected to the most subtle of influences. Every day they had to repeat a message about how their country had abandoned them and how it didn’t care about them anymore. Over a period of time many adopted communism as their morality due to the constant bombardment which took effect and eventually they started to believe in it too.

It was also discovered that the best converts were the staunch thinkers, whereas those with a healthier level of skepticism snapped back to their normal way of thinking faster afterwards.

The more you worry about stopping smoking, the greater the power it has over you. Instead just get ready to discard it like a doll you grew out of or a friend who didn’t have your best interest at heart after all.

Remember all you will be doing is NOT DOING SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T WANT TO DO ANYWAY.
What could be difficult about that?

It may take time.

You have the rest of your life.

Start it now…




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