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August 3, 2010
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August 8, 2010

I am pleased to be able to introduce the line-up of sponsors for my Celebrity Social Media Boot Camp.

It starts at 12pm on Saturday 7th August 2010 at the Shelter in Al Quoz Dubai.

Tickets are only $97 USD

I will show 20 people how to do EVERYTHING!

Sponsors aren’t very important.

They are everything.

It could be the teacher who takes a liking to you at school and spends that extra little bit of time, effort and encouragement to push you a bit harder than the rest.

Maybe we are talking about the popular kid whom you made laugh and then decided to let us into his/her inner circle of friends.

It could have been a boss, older colleague or well meaning uncle who first sponsored you, but when you think about the people who reached down with a gentle hand and lifted you up to higher ground, you know exactly who they were.

Sometimes you call them mentors, sometimes coaches and maybe even friends.

Often there is a trade off of your time and their knowledge or their money and your expertise and effort, but the balance frequently seems to favour one over the other, until you wear the sponsors shoes.

They need to make a difference. They need that difference to counter all their previous efforts, not by topping them all but by adding a missing piece. Like an art collector, or philanthropist what seems one-sided actually looks like a bargain for them.

Never under-estimate the judgment of a sponsor. They know a good thing when they see one. If you have one now, then it is time to believe that maybe they’ve noticed some spark of light or flash of brilliance that you routinely undervalue because you don’t even notice it is there.

Never undervalue the relationship with the sponsor, they are your best friend before, during and after your event.

Let’s meet mine…

First the experts in the ‘Fame Game’  – Barefact Talent and Modelling Agency

Bareface rock.

You can contact Dan Bolton and the team at Bareface

D. 971 4 390 2159

T. 971 4 390 2040

F. 971 4 390 8003

M. 971 50 708 9088


Now the team to get your mindset right, set goals and map out every single step you need to achieve them – Results Coaching…

I am actually a Results Coaching certified Lifecoach.

You can contact Ilze at

Results Coaching Systems

Phone: +971 4 323 2062| Mobile: +971 50 379 4513 | Email: | Web:

Next up let’s talk about physical fitness and a guy who runs a team dedicated to getting your body to match your mind – Jamel and Total Fitness…

You can contact Jamel for a one-to-one at or

or call +971(0)508557161

Our fourth sponsor is interested in the next generation and guaranteeing that your children get the best possible start in life. Say hello to Zahra and the team from Blossom Children’s Nursery in Dubai…

Talk to Zahra and The Blossom Management Team at

055 – NURSERY / 04 – 348.6275

When you have a sponsor and you want to make the relationship last remember four things…

1) Whatever they demand of you must be worth something valuable otherwise they wouldn’t put such effort into making you successful.

2) That valuable ‘something’ is natural to YOU and you probably have no idea what it is (remember to ask them to save yourself years of soul-searching) but if nothing else, take the compliment (and the money) and move on gracefully.

3) Deliver whatever you promised PLUS more!

4) Say thank you.

5) Quite a lot.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I ask you to sponsor my continued success.

How do you do that?

Just keep reading my stuff.

Or join me…




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