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Let’s talk about Google.


We have to do so in incredibly hushed tones because they are always listening, seeing and cataloging everything (well almost) for the world’s most important search engine.

We all know that the demise of Yellow Pages in print and Alta-vista, Ly-cos et al has been because Google ‘does it better’. Through that very simple site, you can be found, be seen, be liked, be trusted and be minted (as in make some serious cash because people will have already done their homework on you).

So what is the secret to high Google rankings?

We have all been approached by (or will be) so-called SEO or Search Engine Optimization experts who for a large fee will sort out the keywords and tagwords and goodness knows what else to guarantee your ascendancy above your competition in terms of search rankings.

But there is a more simple way to understand what Google’s gang of internet spiders will be looking for when they give a golden score to some and a position on page 7 to others.

The secret is RELEVANCE.

That’s all.

Who likes you, talks about you, visits you and follows you.

To get relevant you have to be focussed and targeted in your approach. You also have to generate new content on a regular basis, aim for a specific avatar of client or likeminded citizen and then make it easy for them to tell others about you.

Video is awesome for this.

When you think of the number of video sites out there it make sense to embrace a medium that Google really responds to.

You Tube isn’t just heralding the end of conventional advertising AND media like radio and TV, but it’s also the world’s SECOND most popular search engine.

If people want to see you, they’ll find you on You Tube, or someone else who may not be as good, but is more visible.

I spend so much of my time trying to educate clients and friends about the importance of embracing all this before it becomes saturated and the niches get smaller and smaller but it seems to fall on deaf ears 70% of the time.

In some cases the deaf ears get so aggressive because they are scared to embrace change (comfort zones etc) and hope that the internet will go away.

Well it won’t.

I use it and Google is starting to reward me with relevance.

You need a strategy involving social media (which is thankfully mostly free) and quite a lot of time to get things going.

Remember many social media sites like Facebok and Twitter are closed to the gaze of Google, but more on that at a later date.

The main thing is to just get started.

It’s worth it.

In my chosen niche I have a smile on my face when I type in ‘dubai’s best motivational speaker’ – my chosen niche.

At the time of writing this, my name (Dave Crane) comes up as 7 of the top 10 searches on the front page of Google.

Take a look at my latest video to see it for real…

Am I really Dubai’s best motivational speaker?

Maybe I am, maybe I’m not but according to Google, I am certainly the most relevant.

I’d like to teach you how I do it at my big event The CelebritySocial Media Boot Camp.

I will show 20 people how to do EVERYTHING!

I will show them everything they need to know about creating celebrity status through social media.

Would YOU like to know how to…

• Travel the world doing what you love with corporate covering every expense and treating you like a Hollywood star.
• Get top brand named companies to hire you for +$5-20,000/hour just to talk to their staff
• Become a recording artist and make a commercial bestselling CD.
• Become a TV and radio presenter.
• Work with some of the biggest popstars, moviestars and sportstars in the world.
• Create your own niche of entertainment and make fans worldwide who will follow you everywhere.
• Become an undisputed expert in your field and get countless radio and TV interviews.
• Write and publish a book.
• Become a regular columnist and go to authority in your chosen field.
• Organize sold-out events for your services with (almost) zero financial investment whatsoever.

And more…

Time is ticking…




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