How a Middle East and UAE motivational speaker can help you hypnotise and get anything you want.

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Stand by for 5 Amazing NLP Strategies To Make Anyone Do Anything Anywhere Anytime.

I really didn’t want to reveal these secrets.

Who wants free stuff?


But, I have used them to many times and know the hypnotic power they have over people.

Once you read this, use the information sparingly and responsibly because I also truly believe in the power of reprocity (which means what goes around comes around).

Before I tell you these turbocharged secrets, I can promise you that they will work equally on work colleagues, partners, bosses and family members AND YOURSELF.

In fact I can’t think of any situation when I couldn’t impact someone’s thinking and influence them using these tips and tricks.

I use this stuff all the time.

Who wants a better life?

So are you ready?

Then, let’s begin…

1) Ask about their last buying strategy

When someone has done something before (buying a TV, choosing a partner, going on holiday etc) there is a reason behind the way they chose what they got. Ask them what it was and reproduce it. Watch thm say ‘Yes’ to you too.

2) Let them think you are the same as them

Rapport is built from trust. That is only created when someone finds conscious and subconscious similarities between them and you. Find out what they do, say and like and copy them. Instant bonding and then they are ready to listen to what you offer.

3) Listen to them

Strangely enough the higher up the food chain of business you get, the less a person actually get’s listened to by their wife, husband or immediate family. yes, their staff listen, but the odds are that every conversation is about work and never personal about them. Be a good listener – NOT A JUDGE. You will probably find that the things they share with you have been sitting inside for quite some time.

4) Use metaphors and tell stories

We learn from a very early age to interpret fairy stories, religious tales and interpret news bulletins and gossip and apply them to ourselves. That’s in built to our DNA. So if you want to influence a sale, attitude or feeling. Tell a story about a similar situation involving someone else and what happened to them. It doesn’t even have to be true. Just effective.

Watch this to learn more about this vital ingredient to your persuason arsenal…

5) Limit the transaction time

People tend to ramble when given all afternoon but will be concise and make instant decisions when you tell them they only have 5 minutes and then you have to go. Create a sense of urgency (and scarcity) and let them react accordingly. Time is precious and when you strip away the drama, you get to the core reasons, feelings and results.

That’s enough for now.

I have been studying Robert Cialdini’s findings on the pillars of influence and will share them with you next time and on my blog.

Start using these tips, getting results and enjoying the difference it makes to your life.

You can get access to some of my really cool stuff and maybe even hire my services at

Have a great one…



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