Gastric Band Hypnosis Dubai : Discover How Obesity Can Kill Your Business Faster Than The Recession.

The Weight Loss Show – 7 Questions You MUST Ask About Getting Thin Without Surgery, Dieting Or Going To The Gym In Dubai…
June 24, 2012
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Gastric Band Hypnosis Dubai : Discover How Obesity Can Kill Your Business Faster Than The Recession.


As a hypnotherapist, I have been recently inundated by people asking for weight loss advice, as they discover their business suits no longer fit after Eid celebrations, preparing to look good for their holidays or just concerned that physically they are ballooning out of control.

This is a darker shadow affecting much of the business community across the GCC. Many start work early, miss breakfast (opting for a diet of caffeine and cigarettes), miss lunch (meetings cant’ be avoided) and end up networking until late evening. In some cases, the only meal they remember is a drive-through fast food takeaway upsized and devoured in their car on the way home.

This unhealthy work-life balance is now beginning to show a long term impact on citizens across the board.

What can be done about it?

Watch this and find out…

In the UAE, a staggering 70% of the local population has been diagnosed as being ‘clinically obese’ many also have diabetes (and don’t know yet). But this isn’t just a national problem (or even regional one), but a world-wide crisis. Britain was recently added to the top of the laziest nation charts as over 41% of the population actually does less than the required amount of exercise.

Cheap fast food, less physical interaction, stressful jobs and longer working hours all lead to an ongoing issue that could affect your business one way or another.

Let’s face it.

If you are not personally overweight, one of your clients, family or staff probably is.

I put together 7 of the most asked questions which I get asked by my clients about losing weight and getting back into shape.

 1)      Question: Why am I fat?

Answer: Lots of reasons, starting with childhood conditioning about scarcity and appreciation whereby parents would use ‘guilt’ as s way to make you eat up and finish everything on the plate. Then we have to recognize the huge portions that we expect when we eat a buffet dinner or restaurant meal.

When we visit friends for dinner we are expected to finish the serving or we are ‘insulting the host’. Organic food (which our parents enjoyed) is very expensive compared to processed cuisine which is cheaper, easier to find and costs a fraction of the price (for a fraction of the nutrients).

Add to all this the commercial power of the fast food chains, the breakdown of the family unit, the fact that we live much longer than our predecessors, but our metabolism starts declining from the age of 30 and you have tons of very good reasons.

You have to ignore them all if you are truly looking to resolve your weight-loss problem.


2)      Question: ‘Why bother getting thin?’

Answer: Generally obese people will die 12 years earlier than their thinner friends. They are also more likely to suffer from the high blood pressure, diabetes,  a stroke,  abnormal blood fats, osteoarthritis,  sleep apnea,  cancer,  gallstones,  weaker pelvic muscles and various types of physical and mental  discomfort and embarrassment,

Just because everyone is doing it is irrelevant. They will all die prematurely too. We are all equally prone to these dangers unless we actually do something about it. Fortunately with effective weight loss, bad conditions like diabetes can often disappear along with the unwanted pounds.


3) Question: ‘Is being thinner REALLY going to make me more money?’

Answer: YES. Definitely, if you are currently suffering starting with reduced insurance premiums as you ‘leave’ the ‘in danger’ category. Not only will your medical bills go down but your new super fit persona could also open up more opportunities for promotions and better work relationships.

As a business professional, it can be difficult to calculate the cost of being over-weight in monetary terms (apart from the cost of a new suit) but the instances where it could have a direct impact on your career progression are a little more obvious.  Those unwanted extra pounds can give you a psychological disadvantage in office politics and the way people treat you. This means colleagues, clients and bosses.

It may manifest in several ways from a general ‘lack of respect’ to not being invited to events by your office team, customers might not take your comments as seriously as they deserve or more importantly, you could miss out of career despite having a more impressive work rate than anyone else and being ‘the obvious candidate.’

It can be a vicious circle as you end up making it all worse by ‘emotional eating’ (snacking and nibbling) due to bad habits, tiredness and stress rather than actually being hungry.

Don’t blame yourself, you’re not alone in this.

Unless a company has an active ‘wellness in the workplace policy’ and a canteen that offers the right balance of healthy food, most staff will continue to eat badly OR NOT AT ALL during their work hours.


Balanced Diet Chart for Adults?

4) Question: ‘Why do 95% of diets fail?’

Answer: Typically because most people set themselves an unrealistic task with an unlikely chance of success.

Goals have to be achievable, but difficult. There must be a healthy level of tension and engagement.

Most diets should work (in theory) but the very term ‘diet’ probably means that you feel like you are actually starving yourself and with-holding your favorite foods almost like a punishment. This solution is usually too difficult to maintain, relies on your own will-power, doesn’t factor in that you may actually be ‘addicted’ to certain foods like chocolate, candy or crisps. Emotional eating is often compounded and increased by the depression created when you feel that your results are coming too slowly and you’d prefer to just give in and go back to enjoying those tempting delicacies on TV, bill-boards and adverts almost everywhere you look.

Basically, there are 3 ways to get thinner:

  1. Eat no more than you will burn off as energy.
  2. Eat when hungry (not bored).
  3. Exercise. 

Follow these three and you’ll see results WITHOUT any special dieting being involved.

Quick Tips


  1. Tests prove that when you ‘listen’ to your body’s messages, you will actually know what to eat and when.


  1. To lose weight, it’s just a case of only eating slightly less than the required amount which you need to give you energy, and NOT ignoring your stomach when it says that you are getting bloated.


  1. Don’t weigh yourself every day. You will get a misleading progress report. Muscle is heavier than fat and so you can change your shape dramatically and still weigh the same amount.


  1. Set your target weight, size and shape at about a year from now to achieve your best results (most people lapse after 3 months) because it removes some of the short-term pressures.


  1. You need to lose weight gradually by changing your overall attitude to food, daily habits and lifestyle so it never feels like you are on a diet.



 5) Question: Should I have bariatric surgery and get a silicon gastric band fitted?

Answer: Yes, and no. This treatment involves tying a cord around the stomach, creating a smaller pocket and therefore tricking your body into thinking that this is now the new capacity of your digestive system. Basically, you will eat about a golf-ball sized amount of food and then feel full, hence losing weight.

Whilst it can be very effective, there can be complications and it’s not cheap. With a 76% success rate, this has become a favorite ‘quick fix’ option for many.

I believe that you should consider several factors.

Firstly, with any surgery, there is a basic +20% risk of complications (including deep vein thrombosis, infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, and potential problems with medication).

 Secondly, most patients will experience a period of reflux (regurgitation into the mouth) as they get used to the size of their new digestive system.

Thirdly, in many cases, it may be offered without the necessary mental coaching or food education to prevent ‘issues’ developing. Food addicts have been known to actually, liquidize cheese burgers so they will bypass the band and go into the rest of the stomach.

Also, the your band will also need adjusting as your weight changes and the food pouch stretches and can sometimes slip leading to the blockage of the stoma. This will usually require immediate emergency surgery to remedy.

 Plus, there is also a level of dieting involved especially during the first 4 weeks after surgery.

Another option is to use hypnosis to subconsciously ‘trick’ the stomach into thinking the operation has been done and therefore avoiding all invasive surgery.

This system has a 74% success rate for a fraction of the cost.


The World has An Obesity Problem


6) Question: What’s the best way to lose weight?

Answer: this is subjective. There are many different but equally valid solutions. You need to choose the one that suits you best. There are a ton of diet plans available and most of them will work if you stick at them, but people rarely do. In my opinion, it all starts with more education and coaching.

For instance, did you know that a breakfast is essential to kick start your natural metabolism each morning? Without that you won’t start efficiently burning calories because your system will freeze in ‘starvation mode’ and hold onto your stored calories until a new intake of food arrives.  Missing breakfast is a ‘false economy’ and very bad for you.

Similarly, regular small portions 4-6 times per day works better than ignoring meal times completely.

Also, it’s not all ruined when you ‘lapse one day or two’ this is about the overall progress, you are allowed a stumble once in a while.

Knowledge and mindset are vital because, like any real changes, they need to happen inside before they have any lasting effect outside.

There are also many tools to help with this including hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for changing belief systems and habits, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for countering emotional eating/ addictions, nutritional testing and education to check if you are diabetic or in any danger from entering a weight loss program and personal coaching to help with accountability and a life-style change.


Take back control

7) Question: Can I start losing weight today?

Answer: Yes. I would suggest to my clients that they use these 5 main rules as adapted from top hypnotherapist Paul McKenna’s program.

They are easy to remember and very effective…


Start here...


 Do this and

  • You WILL lose weight every week.
  • You WILL have a different relationship with food.
  • You WILL make better choices.
  • You WILL enjoy higher health and energy levels (within the first week)
  • You WILL become more confident.
  • You WILL have more control over your emotions.
  • You WILL have motivation for exercise.

If you have any questions that I may have missed, let me know.





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