Dubai Teambuilding Tips and How To Make Instant Rapport, Sales And Trust With NLP

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Let’s take a look at how to add influence and persuasion with a little hypnosis thrown in…

Or put precisely…

How To Make Anyone Know, Like, Trust and Buy From You In 3 Seconds With NLP

There are 4 steps to creating a real relationship. The client has to

1) Know who you are.

2) Like what you are and what you do.

3) Trust you enough to invest in your product or services.

4) Buy from you fully satified that you are all the above and more.

It seems simple enough to do but there are many reasons why they might NOT do this.

With the world's most famous hypnotist Paul McKenna

It is much easier to tip the scales in your favour and so here are 5 NLP Tricks to create powerful rapport that will convert into sales.

1) Mirror And Matching.

Check their body language and copy everything they do at a slightly delayed time (a few seconds) after they do it. Once they are in sync, you can easily start to lead them subconsciously in other directions by breaking the rapport when they do someting you don’t like.

2) Use Their Name.

Yes I know it sounds too simple to be true, but we are brought up to respond best when someone says our name. It has power and effect and means an instant bond with the person who says it. Why do you think ‘Happy Birthday To You’ is the world’s most popular song?

3) Say Their Trance Words

Everyone has quirkly little phrases, words or expressions that stand out as odd, but seem comfortable to them. Find out what they are and start using them too. It will build rapport in half the normal time.

4) Copy Their Voice

Some people are high pitched and squeaky, others are baritone low and slow. People like those who are like them so adapt their vocal style. Don’t do a complete impersonation, just enough to make them register that you have another thing in common in the way that you communicate. Accent and speed are important too.

5) Discover Their Buying Strategies

When someone has bought into something in the past (job, product, relationship) they have certain criteria that will always ‘swing’ it for them and make them take that leap of faith. As what made them decide to do it last time and JUST DO THAT.

Whilst there are many more useful sales and persuasion tools, these work a treat and in a split second.

Use them wisely and when you want to break a relationship – just do all the above in reverse.

Groovy stuff.

Have a nice day.



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