Dubai Motivational Speaker Celebrity Social Media Training

BNI Networking the Dr Ivan Misner Way – Dubai teambuilding
July 12, 2010
The Truth About Our Communications
Motivational Speaker Dubai Celebrity Social Media Training Camp
July 19, 2010

What can a working knowledge of social media do for you?

After a lifetime of working in entertainment, I believe that now is the most exciting opportunity for any creative artist whether their expertise is as an actor, musician or DJ to launch or step up their business, become famous and make some serious money for life.

Watch this video for a better idea of how this can work for you…

Vincent Van Gogh was arguably the greatest painter of our time. His most basic etchings are declared masterpieces and sell for millions of dollars – yet he died distraught, penniless and unloved.

Imagine if he’d had access to Facebook.

He could have created a Fan page, made friends with wealthy benefactors and galleries and had sales events.

If the money was slow to come in, he could have started making connections on LinkedIn with corporate clients, rich philanthropists and people who knew people who had disposable cash.

He could have tweeted his thoughts and genius to create followers worldwide who wanted to know his every move, his choice of colours and the type of wine he’d enjoy before going to sleep.

He could have held a series of painting masterclasses on You Tube and then sold the entire boxed set through his blog. Each classic would make a formidable training session as thousands would learn, share with their friends and give him invaluable feedback on why they loved his work.

It would probably have saved his life.

It would also have made him very rich indeed.

There isn’t a single person who couldn’t become famous online – whatever their talent (or lack of it).

According to Chris Anderson Wired Editor and author of ‘The Long Tail’ and ‘Free’, we all have the ability to have at least 1,000 ardent  ‘fans’ who will love your work and be willing to pay you whatever it takes to follow your progress.

Whilst we know that the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Madonna will easily entice millions to get a copy of their albums – they aren’t buying them.

They are downloading them as individual tracks and paying iTunes or swapping the entire album with other P2P users on any of the many torrent sites that grew from the ashes of Napster.

It is the death of the record companies that is giving birth to music. Without the revenue from CD sales the old business model of talent spotter, artist manager and record company executive calling the shots and deciding what is best for the musician is dying.

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton believes that they will be defunct in the next 5 years.

Now the artists are doing it for themselves.

– You can make an album on your laptop/home studio.
– You can set up that fan page and post videos on You Tube and Facebook.
– You can talk to fans directly on Twitter.
– You can also sell out your tour by word of mouth revues and sales.

Now is the time for the creative artist.

We’ve never had it so good.

I am dedicating the rest of this year to showing people how to become rich and famous by using social media.

Well, if not rich and famous, with that magic 1,000 fans who love them, follow them and will tell them 24/7 in over 20 different languages NOT to cut their ear off.

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