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July 4, 2010
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I want to share with you something very special if you want to know all about the internet.

It’s a book called ‘Amazingly Useful Websites’ and you can download a free copy by clicking the link below…


I don’t think that there are too many places that haven’t been severly bitten by the credit crunch (with the exception of India and China – which are big enough to sustain their own ecosystems).

For the West, the old economy is just about to be given a very big wake-up call. All the indicators that we used for running a business for many years are about to show signs of a fall even flatter that what we experienced in 2009.

What do I mean, well simply put, where is the cashflow going to come fromĀ  when 27% of the population retires from their jobs, trades in their stocks and shares and decides to stop spending on unecessary consumer items?

You think that 2009 was tough – that was just a kiss!

So without worrying about the economic meltdown too much (I aim to give you solutions rather than problems after all) what is the way forward?

In my opinion, we have to look into the net…

Internet Marketing and eCommerce are not a fad.

When the amount of people signed up and using Facebook makes that website’s population, effectively, the third biggest country on teh planet, something is truly happening.

Most people know very little about websites, the new social media and how to make money online. Many of them never will, prefering to hold onto their jobs for dear life and pray that the guillotine of impending unemployment never strikes their industry. There are those who understand that millionaires are being born online every day and that with knowledge and systems anyone can become one too.

Mexico-born eCommerce guru Ernesto Verdugo is one of them and for the last year and a half, I have been using his systems to create my own successes online.

You can get a chance to meet him by watching this video now…

I find this subject so fascinating.

Most of us only ever use (or know of) 6.3 websites. Facebook, banking, favourite newspaper etc.

Ernesto’s best-selling eBook ‘Amazingly Useful Websites’ will give you free access to some of the most incredible sources of financial freedom and information anywhere and it’s all yours for free.

Click here to get it…


That’s it from me, I’ll have some more very cool resources for you next time.

Have a great day.


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