7 Super-powered Secrets To Build Your Brand Using Social Media Training

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How to be a brand building social media expert without paying for a single advert.

The world is going through the most powerful industrial revolution since electricity and the changes are so subtle that most people don’t realize that it’s already begun.

Reinvent or fade away!

Jeff Price and Dave Crane during the UAE radio days

Radio and TV personality Jeff Price and I have been watching this change happening for many years.

Here’s the first of our 2 part insight into the changing face of media in the UAE…

If you are launching a new brand or business here are some essential things you really need to kno

7 Super-powered Secrets To Build Your Brand Using Social Media

1) Learn To Love Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn.

These are the big four social media networks and between them you are about 2 (or 3) separations away from anyone on the planet. Everyone else has an account and so should you. Once you have one, start to love the fact that you are now ‘back in the game’

2) Write What You Want People To See

Nowadays, employers, business partners and prospective spouses will all Google you and then go through your social media accounts to get a 360 degree profile of you. Make sure that whatever you post is relevant to the image you want people to find. Remember, what goes onto the internet stays there (even if you remove it) so only put photos, comments or videos that you might still want people to see in 3 years time.

3) Respect The Media

Facebook is NOT the same as LinkedIn and the same posts that will get friends on FB will lose you business on LinkedIn. Similarly, Twitter is NOT sms or a text service. What you reply to, retweet or casually mention will be seen by the world (plus any enemies who are following you) and could lead to legal prosecution if you are silly enough to defame anyone.

4) Make Conversation

For the first time in advertising history (since the ‘town crier’) you can talk back to the brand. If you are used to radio, TV and print media where a producer or editor uses their very expensive expertise to dictate what the people will like FORGET IT. They will tell each other what they like and unless you become part of that feedback loop, you’ll never know what killed the latest campaign.

5) Be Relevant

People don’t have to interact with you or your product. You want their permission to become friends, clients and customers. If you give them enough quality content and respect their interests, you will get loyal followers. It is always better to have a small committed and focused community than a spam list that resents your intrusion to their mobile and their laptop.

6) Never Hold Anyone To Ransom

Let people leave your contact list if they want to. If you don’t they will hate you and tell everyone they meet what they think about you. When they do, the Google search engines will pick up on it and you’ll be paying a small fortune for an SEO expert to get the good stuff higher in rankings than the bad stuff.

7) Systemize And Take Control

Get help, manage your time, outsource your online personality. Blogs can be ghost written, links can be found by a third party and emails can be sent to clients and subscribers whilst you sleep. Get into asking the right questions (Google is a good start) and find ways to save yourself time and energy so that you can spend yours doing more of what you truly love.

Here endeth the first lesson…

20 billion bits worth still to come.

Plus part 2 of my chat with Jeff.



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