7 Secrets To Building An Effective Business Referral Network Thanks To Phil Bedford, The Rebel Networker and The Referral Institute

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7 Secrets To Building An Effective Business Referral Network Thanks To Phil Bedford, The Rebel Networker and The Referral Institute

The Unlimited Power Online Network
  • Want more business and worried that it might never materialise?
  • Worried that your marketing and PR isn’t working despite the cost?
  • Aware that despite knowing everyone, no-one is bringing you new business?

Trust me, you are not alone. I was exactly the same, until I was trained by The Rebel Networker. This man can change your business life…

The Rebel Networker

Now I use networking skills to enhance every aspect of my business and it always brings back tangible and measurable results

At the brainstorming networking evening with Internet Guru Brad Fallon

Most people have some kind of network but don’t have a clue how to grow it, refine it or even monetize it. It’s not common sense, it’s a science but one that you can learn thanks to the Referral Institute. I recently generated over $100, 000 USD of potential business for one of my referral partners after just 30 minutes of discussion. Maybe it’s time that you trained to be able to do the same?

Brainstorming business with James Reynolds from Web Reactivators

By the way, if you want to turn your website into an ever-delivering goldmine, talk to James or myself at


Whether you are already in a network, or looking to grow a new one of your own, you need to read the following essential tips. But first, here’s a short video with some reasons why you MUST make Referral Networking as part of your business portfolio… 7 Incredible Networking Secrets That 99% of Business Groups DON’T Know About! 1) BNI ISN’T everything. Neither is any other single networking group or organisation. You need to have feet in at least 3 different organisations to make effective contacts and visibility. It also keeps you fresh and alert. 2) You Only Need Between 4-8 Partners. Forget big groups of 30+ people. You’ll never get to know them well enough for them to keep generating business for you. Keep the number small and dedicated. It’s about having a few very deep relationships, not lots of shallow ones. 3) People NEED To Trust You before they buy or recommend you. There are 3 stages to a sale – Visibility, Credibility and Profitablilty. Being there isn’t enough, they have to like you and trust you too. A trained referral partner can speed up this process immeasurably and take you from an explanation about your abilities to the signing of a cheque by talking to the client ON YOUR BEHALF. 4) Social Media Can Help Online activity can make cost-effective ways to maintain relationship and be visibly, but there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction and over 90% of people say that’s how they prefer to do business despite the options available.  Facebook, Twitter are perfect for making friends, LinkedIn generates serious contacts and as video is by far the best way to spread your marketing message, You Tube should also be a very large part of your mix. Meet them for a coffee first (if you can) before building that online relationship partnership. 5) YOU Need To Be Properly Trained One of the most important lessons in mastering any discipline is knowing (and admitting)  that you know nothing about how to do it effectively. If you don’t understand the dynamics of giving a business card to the right person with the right message, you might as well stay in the car park and place flyers under their wind-screen wipers. 6) You Are Sitting On A Goldmine Not only do you know people, but they also know people too. Without an effective system in place not only will you never know the potential, but they won’t know how to help you and you will stay at square one. Imagine if the most connected people you know spending quality time to feed you pre-qualified new business. There is no better source than from people who know you best and want to help make you a success. 7) Not Every One Is Right For This Some people are just impossible to work with. There is simple criteria for selecting your pipeline partners. These include the following points… they have to be able to get you referrals, they have to be referrABLE to your own contacts with credible customer service (etc), they have to have time to work with you on this, they also have to be willing to be trained and have an abundance mindset. Whilst there are some great referral sources available who don’t have all the qualities above, they will never be dedicated enough to use as a pipeline partner.

Phil Bedford with Referral Institute Founders Dr Ivan Misner and Mike Macedonia

Google The Rebel Networker and contact Phil Bedford Master Franchisee from The Referral Institute. http://www.referralinstitute-me.com Phil’s personal blogsite is here http://www.therebelnetworker.com He will show you how to start your new education today so email him at phil@referralinstitute-me.com. Here is Phil’s video so you can see just what a cool geezer he really is Kitesurfer, Salsa Master and Rebel Networker… As promised in the video, I am keen to part sponsor anyone interested in attending Referral Success 101, the introductory session for the Referral Institute. There is usually one per month. Here’s more about the event… Referral Success 101 Are you getting all the referrals you want for your business? Do you get referrals predictably and consistently or by chance? Business owners understand the value of referrals but they don’t often have control over their referral business. Referral marketing is the most effective form of marketing for businesses with limited marketing budgets. If you are willing to invest the time to learn specific referral marketing strategies, tools, and techniques you can double, even triple your sales in months without spending additional marketing dollars. Attend a two hour class on how to make referral marketing work for your business. If you don’t have a referral marketing plan for your business, this session is a must! You will learn how to develop a strategic referral network, who should be in it, how to find them, and how to motivate those people to refer business to you.

This class will open your eyes to the possibilities of generating more sales in less time by doing business by relationship. Unless you can find more time and work harder than you already are, you can’t afford to miss this class. You will learn some specific techniques that will enable you to really work smarter, not harder. Let me know when you are interested in attending and joining my own network of business partners. It’s time to step up. Have an awesome networking week… Dave

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