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Mission Impossible 4 The Movie coming to Dubai!
August 21, 2010
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September 5, 2010

When I was a kid I always wanted to have a superpower.

I didn’t care which. Flying, super strength/speed/agility and freezing time were all pretty good options. But then I grew up.

Radio fun way back then

Hypnotising the airwaves (when I was a little thinner)

Or did I?

Evidently NOT!

I guess when I first started presenting Mission Mpossible in the radio, it must have seemed like a very lame superpower to be able to get anyone to do anything I asked live on air.

I remember getting phone calls and messages from listeners right across the Arabian gulf who would sit in their cars at the alotted timeslot because it was the only radio with strong enough reception. They’d be drinking beer and laughing like children.

This was, of course, long before I became a stage hypnotist where I routinely ask volunteers to speak Martian, become a saucy cheerleader or go looking for a long lost puppy under all the tables and chairs in a busy restaurant. Believe it or not, I’d had fun of this kind before just using the power of the airwaves and a caller on a mobile fone.

During my 4 years doing that show, I routinely got listeners to smash plates, kidnap neighbours, cross dress in public, perform ad hoc dental surgery, pour water over sleeping parents, propose to complete strangers and occasionally something really special like standing half naked outside their local supermarket under the scorching summer sun selling the contents of their fridge from a bucket to any listeners who passed by.

That was Denzil by the way and he was very funny indeed.

In fact, just for you, here’s the first part of the episode with Denzil…

I was going to leave you hanging on until tomorrow for part 2, but I’m not that cruel.

Well at least I am NOT to you, even if I am to Denzil.

Here’s part 2…

So what’s the next bit of fun for this?

I have in the last week been pleasantly surprised to hear that Paramount are planning to film the latest installment of the Tom Cruise spy saga Mission Impossible 4 in my hometown of Dubai.

I wonder if they’ll be interested in any of my old radio shows for inspirations to their plot lines.

I thought I’d push this envelope slightly and so I recently bought up some of the websites for the film. I think I’ll probably hatch my cunning plan using (not up yet by the way) but I’ll keep this under my hat for later.


You should be.

For the radio shows, I’d turned them into videos and display them on my You Tube channel (hypnocoach), my blog ( and to my Facebook friends.

It’s going to be a very funny year and I’d love to share it with you, so make sure you tag my RSS feed, look out for the development of this story and hold on tightly.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

This curiousity that’s bouncing about in your head right now will NOT self destruct in the next 5 seconds…

More on that in posts to come…

Meanwhile, I mentioned this a few week’s ago…

Also, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you get your $10,000 worth of free internet training. This offer will be withdrawn in the next few days.

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If you’re gonna be bad be very very bad.



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