20 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Web TV Show… (like Turbo Charge Your Brand TV)

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November 15, 2012

20 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Web TV Show… (like Turbo Charge Your Brand TV)

The award winning personal branding web TV show

Question: What’s Your Painful Problem?

The rules of the economy and  financial climate change every single day. Once it was all about building a solid ‘bricks and mortar’ business, then they added advertising and on top of that the game turned upside down through the internet.

Now many business owners are embracing the opportunities afforded to them through online advertising but most have a reluctant Facebook account, ignore Twitter and use Linked In just to spy in on their competition.

There are a number of issues facing the modern business owner.

Having your own web TV show will remove 99% of them.

Many of this list will resonate with you…

1)      Your social media campaign are not strong or focused enough

2)      Your local market has tough and equal competition (plus everyone does the same thing)

3)      There is no local leader dominating 100% respect, financial ROI or press coverage

4)      You  waste so much time on first consultancy (saying the same thing to each customer)

5)      You  have no easy way to create joint venture partnerships and attract potential sponsors

6)      You seem to get very little (or no) traction/ROI from marketing plans

7)      You  want more respect from my peers

8)      You  never get asked to speak at events or to represent my industry

9)      You  find very little client loyalty in my market (it’s all  about price)

10)  You  have no overseas fan base

11)  All the content about you (and your business) could be about anyone (100% generic)

12)  There’s a complete misunderstanding about what you provide as services and products

13)  You have no business legacy or structure for a next generation

14)  You worry about the cost of staff loyalty/ turnover

15)   You want/ need to write that book

16)  Your website is too low on SEO rankings

17)  You have an amazing story to tell, but no-one seems interested

18)  Your website is boring and generic

19)  You need to be working to earn

20)  You don’t know what to do, who to trust and how much to invest (time and money)

My solution was to build a web TV show.

Watch this…

The award winning personal branding web TV show


In just 9 months, I have a show which is watched by thousands in 106 countries.



The countries currently watching my Turbo show.

I have interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars in my niche.


These include Jack Canfield (‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’), Dr John Gray (‘Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus’) and Brian Tracy (‘Eat That Frog’).

With sales guru Brian Tracy

Imagine how this kind of media publicity could help your business?

You would instantly be elevated (by association at least) to thought leader, industry expert and high achiever.

I also have an amazing sponsor in Merlin Digital who are constantly working with me to get my show to bigger and better audiences.


Merlin Digital, the proud sponsors of Turbo Charge Your Brand TV


PLUS they also pay me to play with me.

Want to know more?

Contact me directly and let’s talk.

My email is info@thelifedesigners.com and my mobile is +971505524316.

This is YOUR year.


Have a great day.


Dave Crane



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