12 Top Tips To Turbo Charge Your Personal Brand And Business In 2012

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Was 2011 a tough year for you?

95% of the people I have talked to said ‘Yes’.

The other 5% are either financially independent, very savvy or just lying to keep up appearances.

Luckily for you,  I have the solution.

Watch this…

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http://www.turbochargeyourbrand.tv 2012 is looking rosier if you understand and implement these essential 12 things…

12 Top Tips And Upgrades You Must Make For Your Business in 2012

1) Stop Talking About The Recession

No more recession. This is the new economy...

I’m sorry to burst your bubble. There is no recession.

THIS is the NEW ECONOMY!!! Money is tighter. Competitors are more cutthroat.

Everybody wants full value and doesn’t want to pay full price for it.

Got that?

Cool, well carry on now…


2) Understand Businesses Must Make Money

Do you have the right business tools?

If it doesn’t make money,  it’s a vanity project.

Even if a charity is ‘not-for-profit’,  they have to something to cover overheads.

Without a generous benefactor to bail them out, they are doing a gross disservice to their dependents.

Start making money.


3) Recognize the new ‘currencies’.

Despite the cash elements of previous point#2, people are willing to pay for influence, introductions and barter services.

It’s war-time again.

Swapping a chicken in exchange for medical services may yet make sense again.

And then there’s Facebook credits…

Facebook Credits. The biggest bank you never knew about.


4) Get Online (and then back offline again).

Make a strategy.

Talk to an expert.

Attend courses and implement social media marketing.

Then turn up at networking meetings and press the flesh.

Leads for business, introductions to new friends and fascinating insights can happen through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube, but the really hot deals will be made face-to-face.

People like to post, but they also like to watch TV, listen to the radio and read magazine.

For now at least. Build both into your future plans.


5) Declare Yourself To Be An Expert (In Something).

Get a business title.

Write a book, start speaking at industry events, keep a blog etc.

Whatever the options available work to rise above the ‘white noise’ and clutter of Google.

The competition will be doing the same as you. Until you tell everyone how you are the best in your niche.

Once you have their attention, prove it’s true.


6) Get Your Voice

Pay for public speaker training.

Want To Get Your Voice Too?

An expert (like me) will help you overcome fears, sharpen your message and teach you how to deliver it to anyone at anytime.

Learn as early as you can. Communication is everything in a socially based economy.

It is currency in itself whether you are a student attending job interviews or a CEO hosting them.

It will also add +30% to your annual salary FOR LIFE!!!


7) Get A Mentor

Everyone needs something.

Everyone Needs A Mentor.

You need guidance.

The expert needs to share and teach.

i) Find the guru.

ii) Approach them politely (get introduced, offer to help their charity, stalk gently).

iii) Request occasional brainstorming advice.

iv) Pay for their coffee.

Get one for each road map which your career needs.


8) Get Mental.

Your mindset is the benchmark by which the outside world will judge you.

Get Some Positivity.

It’s also the only thing that will keep you being successful. Become a life-long learner and get a life-coach.

If you are waiting until you ‘need’ one, you already do.

So Sell it first, create brochures afterwards.


9) Become A Publishing House

You have a product, service or message, tell the world about it.

Publish. A Lot.

Social media is a very good way to start.

Industry magazines, newspapers and other media are the next step…

You’d be surprised how much your individual message will carry and will be passed on as long as it is about ‘What people want to hear’ rather than ‘What you want people to hear’.

One way communication is dying (if not already dead).


10) Start Contacting the Dead

How Many Dead Contacts Do You Have?

Well not quite. Contacting the dead leads, former colleagues and acquaintances that you’ve ignored for years.

Let them know you care and offer your services again. In a fast moving business world, buying from someone you know, like and trust hasn’t changed.

How many pre-converted clients are you ignoring? How many are in new jobs? how many would just love your advice and would be willing to connect you with people who could actually pay for your services?

Dig out the Rolodex, invite them to LinkedIn and start chatting again…


11) Ask.

Ask questions, do surveys and gauge client feedback.

Ask Big Questions.

Your good old ideas about great business sense might still be as good as they ever were, but your clients might have changed their way of thinking.

If everyone is bartering, what can you do to give value whilst costing you less?

Always Seeking Knowledge is a smart way to re-evaluate anything and one you know the results, reinvent your business, trim the fat and step back into the breach.

There’s always cash, you just have to know where to dig.

12) Let Off Steam

Learn to ‘chillax’.

Work Hard - But Enjpy It Better.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your business. Meditate, study NLP or attend yoga classes but start reducing stress and stop worrying.

We are all a long time dead and when it finally does happen, you won’t have to care anymore anyway.

Any questions?

Ask me anytime… info@thelifedesigners.com

Enjoy the show.


It's Going To Be An Amazing Year...

Happy Hunting.


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