10 Things Jack Canfield Taught Me About The Secret Success Principles

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10 Things Jack Canfield Taught Me About The Secret Success Principles

Jack Canfield - America's Number 1 Success Coach (and me),

My life just went full circle.

I met and interviewed Jack Canfield.

He rocks.

Want to know what he said?

Read on…

Jack Canfield - America's Number 1 Success Coach (and me),


You might know of him.

  • Author of ‘The Success Principles’
  • Co-Author of the ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ series.
  • Star of ‘The Secret’ movie.
  • He’s known as America’s number 1 Success Coach.
  • He’s sold over HALF A BILLION books.
  • He recently sold one of his businesses for 63 million USD.
  • He’s one of the most recognizable faces in business and personal development.

The key to self-development is very simple…

Have you ever woken up and wanted more?

  • More cash.
  • More cool friends.
  • More appreciation for what you do.
  • More rewarding challenges.

Basically more from anything in your life?

If so, you have probably experienced a similar need for LESS…

  • Less complex problems.
  • Less financial debt.
  • Less stupid people in your life.


Less stress.

We have all had it tough at some point regardless of our initial position.

Ever since we were little babies

I used to look like this…

Me aged 0 and a half (ish).

Since that picture was taken, I spent the next 30 odd years busily chasing my own tail around the world.

Then I stopped.

I hit a brick wall and everything I believed was important truly ceased to be.

(I will tell you the full story another time).

Took a deep breath and reinvented myself.

I went from DJ to healer in one day.

This is true.

I remember when I’d just started launching myself as a hypnotherapist in Dubai.

I felt very lost and directionless until my friend Jorn bought me a copy of Jack Canfield’s  – ‘The Success Principles’

Jack changed my life!

I’d been one of the countries best known DJ/radio personalities and realized that if I wanted to establish myself as a motivator and really help others, I’d have to distance myself from my old image.

No-one trusts a guy who gets them drunk to cure their childhood issues.

With that one book I found the courage to start my new adventure.

I felt a new wave of confidence I’d never had before.

I threw away all the things that used to mean everything to me.

That meant playing down winning Blind Date on national British TV

Winning Blind Date - many many years ago...

It meant dumping all the perceptions of a rock and roll lifestyle…

Onstage with Muse, Iron Maiden and Kanye West

It meant distancing myself from all the cool interviews I’d ever done in radio…

James Brown, The Godfather of Soul (and me).

All the premium events and launches I’ve hosted…

With Bruce Willis at the opening of Planet Hollywood Dubai.

and all the cool superstars I’ve worked with…

With Enrique Iglesias

In short, it was a complete reinvention of everything I’d ever worked towards.

But it was worth it.

I replaced my interest in music with talking books.

I devoured the training materials of my heroes and peers…

With Ormond McGill, the grandfather of hypnosis.

Many of them household names…

With NLP and Hypnosis expert and author Paul McKenna.

And business gurus…

With Raymond Aaron and Vishen Lakhiani

Until I felt able to create and launch my own products.

Just some of my own motivational product range.

Some became my clients and many my friends…

With Hritik Roshan and Simi Garewell

It all comes full circle…

Jack Canfield with my 'Now That's What I Call Hypnosis Vol 1' CD

It’s all come full circle.

I have my own weekly web TV show ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand TV‘ watched by thousands in 86 countries…

You can see the full Jack Canfield interview here…


So here’s what I have learned…

10 Things Jack Canfield Taught Me About The Secret Success Principles

1) Be authentic and genuine. There is only one you because everyone else is already taken.

2) Be happy. It makes even the bad days seem like fun.

3) Be passionate. It’s addictive to others too.

4) Get a mentor. It will take too long and hurt too much on your own.

5) Get a plan. Without one, how will you know you’ve got there?

6) Dream big. There is enough for everyone.

7) Get accountable. Mastermind group, partners, coaches whoever will hold you accountable.

8)  Share the wealth. However large or small, give to others and it comes back even bigger EVERY TIME.

9) Take it easy on yourself. Reprogram the self-talk so you love living in your own skin whatever the face staring back at you in the mirror might say.

10) Never give up. The breakthrough you are looking for is getting closer with every step you take. This is a fact. Just keep on stepping!!!


Whoever you are, wherever you live and wherever you are going, I’m so glad you stopped by here and said ‘Hi’ as part of your journey.

Let me know how I can help you.

Please leave a message of encouragement for all the others on their journey at the bottom of this page…

Have an awesome day.


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