10 Reasons Why You Must Choose Engagement Marketing To Evolve And Grow Your Brand

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10 Reasons Why You Must Choose Engagement Marketing To Evolve And Grow Your Brand

People will talk whether you get involved OR NOT.

The new battle ground for events has moved from ‘the experience’ to ‘the engagement of the customer’.

Are you evolving to meet this?

Take a look…

– That was my message LAST YEAR!!!

Now, in a world where information is virtually free, enlightened relationships are worth their weight in gold. The best business ones are based on emotional connection rather than just finances.

Once you understand how effectively emotional involvement can become your key currency, it makes sense to have fewer deeper ones than many that are shallow, otherwise they won’t respond or get involved.

Think about the difference between spamming a list of 1 million people from a phone book or contacting 300 paying members from your chess club.

Which person is most likely to give you an immediate reply?

Plus like you, they are focused, you probably share lots in common and get especially passionate when it comes to a good game of chess.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s not meant to be either.

That’s the secret.

10 Reasons Why You Must Choose Engagement Marketing To Evolve And Grow Your Brand

1) People WILL Talk Anyway.

Once upon a time all advertising was one-way communication.

Very simply, the radio, TV, magazine, newspaper or billboard would tell you what to think.

If the advertiser was canny enough and the sales image, slogan and message were strong enough this translated into dollars for the brand and kudos for the advertising agencies.

People will talk whether you get involved OR NOT.

Nowadays people talk back online.

They also talk to each other.

If you’re not listening they will make a community decision about your brand, service, product or promotion and destroy it before it’s even had a chance to breathe.


2) People Want Solutions

When your brand comes up in conversation, these are the starting points that people will use to begin their observations.

Ask yourself 3 questions…

i) Are you providing solutions that help solve problems?

ii) Do others know that you do?

iii) Are you engaging with them yet?


Are You Talking To Enough People?

If you don’t help them someone else will.

So, it might as well be you.


3) People Like An Easy Life (To Join Your Tribe).

Are you creating hurdles (financial, time, age, location, qualification etc) which limits your new customers, clients, followers, friends and fans?

Make a simple and easy way to start your relationship.

1) You find out what they want.

2) They sign up for what they want.

3) You give them what they want.

There are plenty of easy and cost effective to automate this, leaving you free to get on with creating value and not ‘bogged down’ worrying about your administrative skills.

Give Them Whatever They Want.

As my great friend Ernesto Verdugo says ‘Once done, you can set it and forget it’.


4) You Can Always Find Your Customers (Once You Know Who They Are)

THIS DOES NOT MEAN SPAMMING! Instead, you should take the time to find out who actually likes and uses your product, service or promotions.

Discover more about them and their interests then find out where they hang out. If this was the jungle, you’d be talking about a ‘watering hole’. In your town it might be a club, bar or society. Online it may be a website, fan page or community.

Engage DON'T Judge.

Find out where they are and take out an ad campaign. Or just say ‘Hi’.

Strangely enough, your customer probably wants the same as you from their life. Happiness, a full tummy and a sense of belonging. Respect to that.


5) The Technology Is Already Available

No reinvention of the wheel is necessary.

I find it’s best to use an online and offline combination.

i)  Blogs

ii) Social media

iii) Webinars (online broadcasts)

iv) Emails

v) Videos

How Are You Communicating With Your Customers?

vi) Live events (meet and greets)

vii) Conventional advertising that drives new customers to connect with you at any of the above.


6) Everything Can Become Viral

Everything you create should be easily spread through a third party – however unsophisticated they are.

Make a message.

Keep it simple, emotionally appealing and consistent.

Think of what people would want to share about you, then produce that.

A virus become self-sufficient and finds new hosts through exposure to them.

Let your promotions enjoy the same objectives.

You may have to find that secret sauce ingredient yourself.

Gratuitous Hot Chick Pic (Proving Sexy Does Sell).

Remember SEXY SELLS.

Start watching You Tube…


7) Events Are A Perfect Opportunity For Engagement Marketing and Brand Building

Most events are run as follows…

  • Treat it as a ‘one-off’ experience
  • Spend a fortune on lots of random media advertising (flyers, radio, TV, magazines, videos) and interviews
  • Hope the sponsors see a realistic (yet intangible) ROI
  • Pray for a feeding frenzy of last minute ticket sales
  • Suffer from sweat and panic attacks aplenty

There are so many random factors involved that only a genius or an idiot would attempt to make a living from it.

Dubai Rugby Sevens- Guys Keep Coming Back!

However consider if…

  • You had a ready made group of guaranteed attendees
  • You never had to spend on random media advertising
  • You could show cash sponsors the demographics (and contacts) of the attendees IN ADVANCE
  • You could drive sales automatically months in advance
  • You never got stressed because you knew each event was guaranteed to be more successful than the last one.

Wouldn’t that be useful to you?


8) Once People Are At Your Event, They Are On Your Side Already

You can do anything and they have nothing better to do than join in.

But you have to be engaging AND entertaining…


9) Most Organisations DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT!!!

As the internet becomes more available, every day there are more so-called experts who cross over from a career in PR and marketing and claim mastery. The truth is that most are not.

Having a Facebook account isn’t enough to create a powerful following for your events or your brand.

All social media will punish you for spamming or sending unsolicited and unwanted messages.

"Why Isn't My Marketing Plan Working?"

Getting it wrong is almost worse than NOT doing anything at all.

Getting it right can reduce your marketing and advertising budget by at least 50% and allow you to use that cash on better things (like a wonderful holiday afterwards).

10) By Reading This Article You Have A Head Start On The Competition

Share it with colleagues, friends, sponsors and anyone who is trying to advertise and engage their customers.

The Art Of Communication

They will become MORE emotionally engaged with YOU as a result.

Make sure to ‘Like’ it, Google+ it, leave a comment below and share it with Facebook friends, Linked In connections and Twitter followers.

This gives you more clout and positions you as someone that others want to know more about.

Remember the term is SOCIAL media.

It’s about 2 way communications.

I have just started yours.

I am hosting a training seminar for UAE based event managers on Saturday 1st October from 12pm to 3pm at the Pavilion Downtown Dubai.

I will be taking their hand and walking them step by step through advanced strategies in engagement marketing.

If you’d like to come too, let me know…


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