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April 19, 2011
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August 13, 2011

11 Reasons Why Education Makes You Stupid (So Join The Tribe)

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10 Reasons Why Education Makes You Stupid

Got your attention?


Well, by the time you have finished reading this article 3 things will have happened.

1)      You will have serious doubts about everything you thought was true.

2)      You will want the answers to questions you didn’t know existed 2 minutes ago.

3)      You will have all the answers you need in your hands.

Intrigued? You should be.

Watch This First…


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Now, let’s start by revisiting that statement.

The education system now.


You might agree in part or even be nodding  (or shaking) your head profusely.

Regardless, I believe I owe you an explanation.

I’d like to do this with a history lesson.

If you’d like greater detail on any of the next historical facts please feel free to Google it.

Here are the basic stages of western evolution (each region has it’s own version of the issues below)

1) Agrarian (Agricultural) Age (7,000 years ago).

Communities evolve into societies with rules, religions etc.

The Agricultural Age

2) 1750 – Industrial Age (200 years ago).

Factories and automation boost trading and create stability (guaranteed food and shelter) for the workers.

Pink Floyd Got It Right!

N.B. In order to keep levels of expertise high, schooling and education was introduced.

3) 1950 – Information and Technology Age (40 years ago)

Man on the moon, washing machines and information overload.

4) 1990 – Knowledge Management Age (17 years ago).

Too much information leads to expertise, specialization and consultancy.

5) 2007 – Intelligence Age (7 years ago).

We can get access to any information and so we can now focus using it better to improve how we think.

The Intelligence Age

6) 2010-Now Wisdom Age (1 year ago)

We want the smartest solutions, people and successes in our associations.

What Do We Do Now?

The problem is that because our entire educational system was created in the industrial revolution and hasn’t really been updated since then.

It actually breeds factory workers for businesses that closed down over 50 years ago.

Therefore it’s completely out of date and doesn’t have any relevance to the mindset and skill sets that we need for modern day successes.

Want proof?

Here are…

10 Reasons Why Education Makes You Stupid (and is making your kids stupid too).

Think about it…

1) We Are Categorised On Our Date Of Birth – NOT Our Interests

Look at your office, your closest friends and your social networks. Are you all the same age? Of course not. But you DO have the same interests in common.

I guarantee the key things you were interested in up to the age of seven are EXACTLY the same type of things you are interested in right now. The problem is you probably don’t get to enjoy those experiences anymore. If you did, you would be much happier and if you could add those basic pleasures to the daily mix of your business day (or even get a job that allows you to get paid for doing elements of it) you’d never have a bad day again.

2) We Are Forced To Learn EVERYTHING – NOT How To Learn Anything

Why did you need to recite so much stuff ‘parrot-fashion’? The ability to adapt and learn new skills quickly is far more useful to you than trudging through years of difficult calculus and trigonometry. You will probably never use them again for the rest of your life. Instead, if you need that expertise, you’ll Google it or hire a specialist (who actually enjoyed it at school).

Wrong Again!

3) We Were Humiliated For Asking Stupid Questions.

Nowadays those ‘stupid questions’ are called ‘Out of the box thinking’. They are worth a fortune to every company on the planet and almost impossible to get your trained and educated workforce to do. Well, at least, now you know why.

4) We Were Punished For Cheating

Time is money, short cuts are generously rewarded (they’re called ‘efficiency’). Nowadays, we call cheating ‘reverse engineering’ and that’s why the China and India are dominating the planet with cheaper productivity, new innovative solutions and ROI.

5) We Were Taught To Fear Differences In Others

The most powerful person in any group is the most flexible. Any country that operates a culture of isolated superiority will fail. The smart players are breeding global citizens with multiple language skills and an interest in travel and adapting to new cultures. One day you will actually meet that new friend from the other side of the planet on Facebook.

Spot The Difference?

6) We Focused On Our Weaknesses

It’s wrong. When you have a strength and are interested in something, you become better at doing it. The better you become, the more you’ll find success breeding success. With that comes confidence as you outstrip the competition and begin to start your own niche. Choose to focus on your weaknesses and someone will always be naturally better at it than you. You will at best be average, frustrated and desperately unhappy watching dullards with less talent getting better results with less effort. Sounds familiar? Unless YOU change, this pattern will keep repeating itself as it has been since your first childhood test results all the way up to your last appraisal.

Strengths Vs Weaknesses

7) We Were Taught NOT To Question Authority

Remember that the teacher/boss/government/system knows best. That’s why, we’ve just experienced the biggest cultural revolution that the middle east has ever seen. Social media has allowed a platform for the conversations that make people realize that the status quo needs rebalancing. Regularly. In a world where presidents ask boy billionaires for advice, the rest of us have to sit open mouthed and wonder why we never got the same ‘lucky breaks’ as those we admire on TV. We probably did, but we’re told to ignore then by people who ‘knew best’. They didn’t. I bet you now feel guilty about even thinking this way.

'What Did You Say?'

8) We Were Scared To Fail

We were taught a simple paradigm. If you get good exam results, you’ll get a great university and a good job. If you get bad results, you’ll be cursed to accept an average life in an average job forever. We are so paralyzed with a fear of failure we won’t even contemplate opportunities just in case it all goes wrong. The successful people know it’s a numbers game. That’s why Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Steve Jobs lead their field because they know ‘risk=life’.

Richard Branson NEVER fails.

9) We Worry About Making Mistakes

99% of us remember the classroom laughing at our ‘foolishness’ and can’t bear the idea of the same treatment in the corporate world.

When you understand that you actually make the right decision at the time of making it (we don’t have hindsight) you can have more confidence in your own informed calculations. Success comes to those who take action and are prepared to learn from their ‘mistakes’.

10) We Don’t Believe in Our Own Abilites.

Wake up call…

No-one else cares about you as much as you do, nor do they know you as well as you do.

No-one else is likely to be around you from birth to death either.

With only one guaranteed witness who will also double as your primary cheerleader, why is it we have to care so much about what others think? We know that they too have their own agenda from playground survival to driving a Mercedes Benz, so maybe it’s time we cut ourselves a little more slack and stopped listening to others opinions. You can only read your life properly when you look at it backwards so a wayward exam result or scolding needs to be put in context of your whole life. Basically, it didn’t matter then and it matters less now.

This is why most of us will spend most of our adult life searching for a new way to reinvent ourselves, make sense of our past and hope we can find the formula to happiness before it’s too late.

OH BY THE WAY, here’s an 11th reason…

11) We Didn’t Learn How To Make Money

Amazing isn’t it. Nothing about wealth creation, handling credit card debt, buying a house, pensions, insurance and keeping cash under your bed in a biscuit tin! Without Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ series  to bail you out, you’d still be in the dark ages.

We should have been taught this at school, but nobody there knew either!

Wow. That was a bumpy ride wasn’t it?

  • Angry?
  • Confused?
  • Feeling more than a little shortchanged for the last 20, 30 or 40 years?

Well, I promised to give you a solution to help with your current confusion.

Here it is…

So what’s the answer?

Simple. Join or form a tribe.

‘Tribes’ is the new buzz-term for communities in the internet generation.

But this just is the beginning of things to come.

My own tribe is The Life Designers Tribe.

Welcome To The Life Designers Tribe

You need to join The Life Designers Tribe.

Imagine a community of life-long learners dedicated to helping each other become leaders, industry experts and high achievers in their business, personal and spiritual life.

That’s what we do.

I invite you to join the tribe and look forward to hearing all about your aspirations.

Your re-education starts here and now…



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