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10 Mistakes Most Event Organizers Make When Booking Their Speaker:

Choose a speaker who can also entertain.

Are you planning a company event soon?

It’s the season for celebrations of every kind.

  • Annual staff parties.
  • MICE events.
  • Gala dinners.
  • Awards ceremonies.
  • Team building days.
  • Client rewards evenings.
  • Family fun days.
  • Shareholder get togethers.


Did you know the recession has recently just revealed some diamonds in your back yard?

Do you know what you are looking for?

It’s true.

PLUS these are great opportunities for making money, boosting morale and creating measurable ROI!

So what are those gems I mentioned?

Well, according to influential business magazine, one of the 18 biggest growth industries in 2012 is self-improvement.

See the full list here:

Everybody really wants it.

Lucky for me, this is also my line of business.

That’s why I wanted to help you discover what you need to do before hiring a speaker for your big gig.

The Jump And Grow Wings Motivation System

This makes sense as people need an extra lift, a new direction and an innovative way to deal with a tougher playing field.

People need more from their lives.

That information has huge potential (50%+ ROI), but used wrongly you could lose a client, get a bad reputation OR even worse, have to refund everything.
Here’s how you can get it right first time…

10 Mistakes Most Event Organizers Make When Booking Their Speaker:

1) Not Identifying client’s meeting/event objectives.
What do they want? Are there other options available that they haven’t yet considered? Is the speaker’s presentation 100% of the solution or do they need to be return with other programs to share over a 12 months period? Negotiate with both parties on that.

Ask the client what they want.

2) Not selecting the right speaker/entertainer for the function.
Google them and ask people you trust in the industry. Do they have a proven track record of doing exactly this kind of thing before? Are they easy to work with.

There are a lot of dodgy speakers out there.

3) Not engaging and starting work with the prospect list in advance.
Your speaker should have digital materials (videos, audios and books) that can be used to start the motivational process before and after the event as well as during. The client will appreciate this added value (and often pay for it) PLUS you are guaranteed a bigger turnout because people now will be curious to see the speaker in person.

Let the audience be your judge.

4) Not optimising a high impact event.
Keynote address, team building activities, workshops and cabaret entertainment. A great speaker can do provide all 4. Ask them then tailor the event to the strengths of the speaker with branding, materials and a schedule all in place BEFORE they even speak.

Your speaker needs to bring something for everyone

5) Not using social media.
Any good speaker is already a minor celebrity online. Invite the client, the attendees and other potential future corporate event organisers to connect with them through Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Take a look at their You Tube channel and help to build up the reputation and expectancy of the attendees. Remember this is free for you and great for everybody.

Your speaker should be connected

6) Not paying their expected fee.
This is his/her job. They get paid high wages and work far less hours than you. But they are 24/7 100% researching and honing their craft and reputation. Would you like a plastic surgeon to operate on the cheap?

Don't go cheap when you want the job done properly

7) Not doubling the speaker as MC/host too.
Many speakers have great entertainment skills which extend to hosting the entire evening AND presenting the keynote speech. Many will do both roles for one fee. This saves you extra cash and makes the success of the overall event more likely as there are fewer ‘X factors’ now involved (like a well meaning CEO with no stage presence but a big ego).

Choose a speaker who can also entertain.

8) Not getting the contact details of all attendees.
If everyone signs up for your/ the speaker’s newsletter and recommends it to a friend, you will double the potential referral numbers. Put collateral on the tables, at the entrance, as a business card draw or on exit. A good speaker will have potential prizes to incentivise.

Utilize every networking single opportunity

9) Not remembering to create back end sales.
Each speaker will have a book, CD, DVD, training system or coaching practise to sell. Strike a commission deal and make it easy for them to sell at the back of the room after their performance. Set up a table and member of staff to take the cash.

Create new ways to 'print' cash.

10) Not talking to me first…
I provide everything above. I have a shortlist of the best suppliers and that 10 minute chat could save you a small fortune both in getting the event mix right AND not losing market share and customers from getting it wrong.

Now please watch this…

Let’s talk…

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