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Dave Crane

Question: What’s Your Painful Problem?

The rules of the economy and  financial climate change every single day. Once it was all about building a solid ‘bricks and mortar’ business, then they added advertising and on top of that the game turned upside down through the internet.

Now many business owners are embracing the opportunities afforded to them through online advertising but most have a reluctant Facebook account, ignore Twitter and use Linked In just to spy in on their competition.

There are a number of issues facing the modern business owner.

Having your own web TV show will remove 99% of them.

Many of this list will resonate with you…

1)      Your social media campaign are not strong or focused enough

2)      Your local market has tough and equal competition (plus everyone does the same thing)

3)      There is no local leader dominating 100% respect, financial ROI or press coverage

4)      You  waste so much time on first consultancy (saying the same thing to each customer)

5)      You  have no easy way to create joint venture partnerships and attract potential sponsors

6)      You seem to get very little (or no) traction/ROI from marketing plans

7)      You  want more respect from my peers

8)      You  never get asked to speak at events or to represent my industry

9)      You  find very little client loyalty in my market (it’s all  about price)

10)  You  have no overseas fan base

11)  All the content about you (and your business) could be about anyone (100% generic)

12)  There’s a complete misunderstanding about what you provide as services and products

13)  You have no business legacy or structure for a next generation

14)  You worry about the cost of staff loyalty/ turnover

15)   You want/ need to write that book

16)  Your website is too low on SEO rankings

17)  You have an amazing story to tell, but no-one seems interested

18)  Your website is boring and generic

19)  You need to be working to earn

20)  You don’t know what to do, who to trust and how much to invest (time and money)

My solution was to build a web TV show.

Watch this…

The award winning personal branding web TV show

In just 9 months, I have a show which is watched by thousands in 106 countries.



The countries currently watching my Turbo show.

I have interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars in my niche.


These include Jack Canfield (‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’), Dr John Gray (‘Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus’) and Brian Tracy (‘Eat That Frog’).

With sales guru Brian Tracy

Imagine how this kind of media publicity could help your business?

You would instantly be elevated (by association at least) to thought leader, industry expert and high achiever.

I also have an amazing sponsor in Merlin Digital who are constantly working with me to get my show to bigger and better audiences.

Merlin Digital, the proud sponsors of Turbo Charge Your Brand TV


PLUS they also pay me to play with me.

Want to know more?

Contact me directly and let’s talk.

My email is and my mobile is +971505524316.

This is YOUR year.


Have a great day.


Dave Crane



I have always been fascinated by people’s behavior, especially how they behave under stressful situations.

We all have 3 natural responses to danger.

These can be illustrated by imagining that you are a sleeping caveman who wakes up to the roar of a grizzly bear outside the entrance.

Your family are also behind you deeper in the darkness.

Do you choose…

1) Fight (attack the bear giving your family time to escape and possibly sacrificing your own life in the process)?

2) Flight (run as fast as you can from the cave hoping your family will run away too and the bear will react too slowly to hurt anybody)?

3) Freeze (play dead and hope that the bear has already eaten and therefore doesn’t come any closer because there is nothing of active interest here)?

The odds are you won’t actually make that decision, your subconscious mind will probably have already done it for you.

Consider when you are driving and a car or person pulls out in front of you… you’ll slam on your brakes and make an emergency stop AND THEN start to wonder what just happened. If you’d taken the time to rationalize it, you’d probably have already hit them.

Your subconscious mind has a number of protective elements that will let you run on autopilot. You can sometimes counter them consciously but when you do so, this can leave clues.

Take lying for instance…

5 Truths You Didn’t Know About Lying

Q.1 Who lies more: men or women?
A.1: Men!
Men lie 1.5 times more than women, telling an average of 3 lies a day.
Men are significantly more likely to lie than women, with the average male telling 3 lies a day or 1,092 a year compared to women who only lie twice a day or 728 times a year.
Q.2: What do women lie about more than men?

A.2: Women more likely to lie in certain situations like hiding new clothes from a partner, with 39% feeling the need to lie about their latest purchase compared to 26% of men.
Women are also more likely to tell a lie or pretend to be busy to avoid a phone call, 50% admitting that they have lied to dodge a phone call compared to just 35% of men. And they are more likely to lie about their weight and age!
And overall, 1 in 10 people admit to giving inaccurate accounts of their current relationship status… wonder how that pans out across men and women?
Q.3: What percentage of people say they have “never” lied on their CV or in a job interview?

A.3: Just 8%! So at least 92% have lied on their CV or in a job interview. Let’s hope that doctors, brain surgeons, pilots and bankers are amongst the honest 8%!!
Q.4: What percentage think it’s OK to lie to their boss about being sick to get a day off?

A.4: 20% think that there’s nothing wrong with pretending to be sick to get time off, and 40% admit to having done this.
Q.5 What percentage of teens lie to their parents?

A.5 98% of teens say they lie to their parents. Interestingly, 98% of teens also say that trust is very important in personal relationships and 96-98% say that lying is immoral!

Interesting isn’t it.

One of my favourite TV shows over the last few years was ‘Lie To Me’ starring Tim Roth as cantankerous genius Cal Lightman – a human lie detector.

Tim Roth – Lie To Me

Take a look at this clip…


The show is based on the work of Paul Ekman probably the foremost expert in emotional behavior and specifically what happens when people don’t tell the truth.

Paul also trains people to learn what he knows and I am going to put all this to the test.

It’s all happening in Dubai.

You can attend the course run by Dr Leila Edwards and her team at the Transformations Institute and learn how to read anyone, anytime and anywhere.

For more information:

Dr Leila Edwards
Managing Director & Principal
Direct Line: +971 (0) 4 344 0115 
Mobile/SMS: +971 (0) 50 474 5613

As a hypnotherapist, I have been recently inundated by people asking for weight loss advice, as they discover their business suits no longer fit after Eid celebrations, preparing to look good for their holidays or just concerned that physically they are ballooning out of control.

This is a darker shadow affecting much of the business community across the GCC. Many start work early, miss breakfast (opting for a diet of caffeine and cigarettes), miss lunch (meetings cant’ be avoided) and end up networking until late evening. In some cases, the only meal they remember is a drive-through fast food takeaway upsized and devoured in their car on the way home.

This unhealthy work-life balance is now beginning to show a long term impact on citizens across the board.

What can be done about it?

Watch this and find out…

In the UAE, a staggering 70% of the local population has been diagnosed as being ‘clinically obese’ many also have diabetes (and don’t know yet). But this isn’t just a national problem (or even regional one), but a world-wide crisis. Britain was recently added to the top of the laziest nation charts as over 41% of the population actually does less than the required amount of exercise.

Cheap fast food, less physical interaction, stressful jobs and longer working hours all lead to an ongoing issue that could affect your business one way or another.

Let’s face it.

If you are not personally overweight, one of your clients, family or staff probably is.

I put together 7 of the most asked questions which I get asked by my clients about losing weight and getting back into shape.

 1)      Question: Why am I fat?

Answer: Lots of reasons, starting with childhood conditioning about scarcity and appreciation whereby parents would use ‘guilt’ as s way to make you eat up and finish everything on the plate. Then we have to recognize the huge portions that we expect when we eat a buffet dinner or restaurant meal.

When we visit friends for dinner we are expected to finish the serving or we are ‘insulting the host’. Organic food (which our parents enjoyed) is very expensive compared to processed cuisine which is cheaper, easier to find and costs a fraction of the price (for a fraction of the nutrients).

Add to all this the commercial power of the fast food chains, the breakdown of the family unit, the fact that we live much longer than our predecessors, but our metabolism starts declining from the age of 30 and you have tons of very good reasons.

You have to ignore them all if you are truly looking to resolve your weight-loss problem.


2)      Question: ‘Why bother getting thin?’

Answer: Generally obese people will die 12 years earlier than their thinner friends. They are also more likely to suffer from the high blood pressure, diabetes,  a stroke,  abnormal blood fats, osteoarthritis,  sleep apnea,  cancer,  gallstones,  weaker pelvic muscles and various types of physical and mental  discomfort and embarrassment,

Just because everyone is doing it is irrelevant. They will all die prematurely too. We are all equally prone to these dangers unless we actually do something about it. Fortunately with effective weight loss, bad conditions like diabetes can often disappear along with the unwanted pounds.


3) Question: ‘Is being thinner REALLY going to make me more money?’

Answer: YES. Definitely, if you are currently suffering starting with reduced insurance premiums as you ‘leave’ the ‘in danger’ category. Not only will your medical bills go down but your new super fit persona could also open up more opportunities for promotions and better work relationships.

As a business professional, it can be difficult to calculate the cost of being over-weight in monetary terms (apart from the cost of a new suit) but the instances where it could have a direct impact on your career progression are a little more obvious.  Those unwanted extra pounds can give you a psychological disadvantage in office politics and the way people treat you. This means colleagues, clients and bosses.

It may manifest in several ways from a general ‘lack of respect’ to not being invited to events by your office team, customers might not take your comments as seriously as they deserve or more importantly, you could miss out of career despite having a more impressive work rate than anyone else and being ‘the obvious candidate.’

It can be a vicious circle as you end up making it all worse by ‘emotional eating’ (snacking and nibbling) due to bad habits, tiredness and stress rather than actually being hungry.

Don’t blame yourself, you’re not alone in this.

Unless a company has an active ‘wellness in the workplace policy’ and a canteen that offers the right balance of healthy food, most staff will continue to eat badly OR NOT AT ALL during their work hours.


Balanced Diet Chart for Adults?

4) Question: ‘Why do 95% of diets fail?’

Answer: Typically because most people set themselves an unrealistic task with an unlikely chance of success.

Goals have to be achievable, but difficult. There must be a healthy level of tension and engagement.

Most diets should work (in theory) but the very term ‘diet’ probably means that you feel like you are actually starving yourself and with-holding your favorite foods almost like a punishment. This solution is usually too difficult to maintain, relies on your own will-power, doesn’t factor in that you may actually be ‘addicted’ to certain foods like chocolate, candy or crisps. Emotional eating is often compounded and increased by the depression created when you feel that your results are coming too slowly and you’d prefer to just give in and go back to enjoying those tempting delicacies on TV, bill-boards and adverts almost everywhere you look.

Basically, there are 3 ways to get thinner:

  1. Eat no more than you will burn off as energy.
  2. Eat when hungry (not bored).
  3. Exercise. 

Follow these three and you’ll see results WITHOUT any special dieting being involved.

Quick Tips


  1. Tests prove that when you ‘listen’ to your body’s messages, you will actually know what to eat and when.


  1. To lose weight, it’s just a case of only eating slightly less than the required amount which you need to give you energy, and NOT ignoring your stomach when it says that you are getting bloated.


  1. Don’t weigh yourself every day. You will get a misleading progress report. Muscle is heavier than fat and so you can change your shape dramatically and still weigh the same amount.


  1. Set your target weight, size and shape at about a year from now to achieve your best results (most people lapse after 3 months) because it removes some of the short-term pressures.


  1. You need to lose weight gradually by changing your overall attitude to food, daily habits and lifestyle so it never feels like you are on a diet.



 5) Question: Should I have bariatric surgery and get a silicon gastric band fitted?

Answer: Yes, and no. This treatment involves tying a cord around the stomach, creating a smaller pocket and therefore tricking your body into thinking that this is now the new capacity of your digestive system. Basically, you will eat about a golf-ball sized amount of food and then feel full, hence losing weight.

Whilst it can be very effective, there can be complications and it’s not cheap. With a 76% success rate, this has become a favorite ‘quick fix’ option for many.

I believe that you should consider several factors.

Firstly, with any surgery, there is a basic +20% risk of complications (including deep vein thrombosis, infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, and potential problems with medication).

 Secondly, most patients will experience a period of reflux (regurgitation into the mouth) as they get used to the size of their new digestive system.

Thirdly, in many cases, it may be offered without the necessary mental coaching or food education to prevent ‘issues’ developing. Food addicts have been known to actually, liquidize cheese burgers so they will bypass the band and go into the rest of the stomach.

Also, the your band will also need adjusting as your weight changes and the food pouch stretches and can sometimes slip leading to the blockage of the stoma. This will usually require immediate emergency surgery to remedy.

 Plus, there is also a level of dieting involved especially during the first 4 weeks after surgery.

Another option is to use hypnosis to subconsciously ‘trick’ the stomach into thinking the operation has been done and therefore avoiding all invasive surgery.

This system has a 74% success rate for a fraction of the cost.


The World has An Obesity Problem


6) Question: What’s the best way to lose weight?

Answer: this is subjective. There are many different but equally valid solutions. You need to choose the one that suits you best. There are a ton of diet plans available and most of them will work if you stick at them, but people rarely do. In my opinion, it all starts with more education and coaching.

For instance, did you know that a breakfast is essential to kick start your natural metabolism each morning? Without that you won’t start efficiently burning calories because your system will freeze in ‘starvation mode’ and hold onto your stored calories until a new intake of food arrives.  Missing breakfast is a ‘false economy’ and very bad for you.

Similarly, regular small portions 4-6 times per day works better than ignoring meal times completely.

Also, it’s not all ruined when you ‘lapse one day or two’ this is about the overall progress, you are allowed a stumble once in a while.

Knowledge and mindset are vital because, like any real changes, they need to happen inside before they have any lasting effect outside.

There are also many tools to help with this including hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for changing belief systems and habits, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for countering emotional eating/ addictions, nutritional testing and education to check if you are diabetic or in any danger from entering a weight loss program and personal coaching to help with accountability and a life-style change.


Take back control

7) Question: Can I start losing weight today?

Answer: Yes. I would suggest to my clients that they use these 5 main rules as adapted from top hypnotherapist Paul McKenna’s program.

They are easy to remember and very effective…


Start here...


 Do this and

  • You WILL lose weight every week.
  • You WILL have a different relationship with food.
  • You WILL make better choices.
  • You WILL enjoy higher health and energy levels (within the first week)
  • You WILL become more confident.
  • You WILL have more control over your emotions.
  • You WILL have motivation for exercise.

If you have any questions that I may have missed, let me know.





For more on gastric mind band hypnosis go to

Slimfast NLP is a proven system combining both clinical and complimentary treatments.

This system will allow you to understand AND CHANGE the issues affecting your weight and give you a whole sense of freedom.

Change is gradual but effects can be felt immediately as you begin a new attitude and understanding to eating, exercise and success.


Want To Know More?

Contact me directly…

Or call me on +971505524316

More details and a full video explaining everything on



The Weight Loss Show – 7 Questions You MUST Ask About Getting Thin Without Surgery, Dieting Or Going To The Gym In Dubai…

First Watch This…


Interesting isn’t it?


1) So why would you want to get thin (if everyone’s overweight what’s the problem)?

Generally obese people will die 12 years earlier than their thinner friends.

Being overweight can lead to:

•High Blood Pressure
•Abnormal blood fats
•Sleep apnea
•Weak Pelvic Muscles
•Physical Discomfort
•Early Death 

– Ummm… that’s why.


2) Is Being Thinner going to make me more money?

It may cost you less in treatment and probably open up more opportunities for

promotion and better work relationships.


Typically over-weight professionals have to deal with the following…

  • Clothes too small.
  • Feeling of being treated ‘differently’.
  • Bad (or patronizing) attitude from employers.
  • Emotional eating.
  • Lack of promotion.
  • Lack of respect from colleagues.
  • Nobody understands (or sympathizes).
  • Long hours and bad eating habits.
  • Tiredness, irritation & stress.
  • Health issues & risks




3) Why Does Dieting Fail?

Typically because you have set an unrealistic task with an unlikely chance of success. There are 3 ways to get thin:

  • Eat no more than you will burn off as energy.
  • Eat when hungry (not bored).
  • Exercise. 

Follow these and you’ll see results.

However 90% of dieters fail because…


•Too difficult to maintain
•Lack of will power
•Solo effort is difficult
•Emotional eating not dealt with
•Food addictions
•Slow results
•Temptations everywhere
•3 month lapse rate
•Lack of support
•Disbelief in outcome
Stop weighing yourself every day. Your results need to be long-term to be truly effective. Plus muscle gain is heavy, so typically, you can change shape and NOT lose any weight.

4) Should I Just Have Bariatric Surgery (EG A Gastric Band Fitted)?

With a 76% success rate, this has abecome a favourite option for many who can afford the operation, however you should also consider these risks…
  • +20% complications
  • Surgery doesn’t affect mindset
  • Dieting is 100% required
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Band slipping as stomach pouch stretches
  • Blockage of stoma (stomach outlet)
  • Reflux (regurgitating food into mouth)
  • Problems with medications
  • Follow-up surgery may be needed

5) So What Should I Be Looking For As The Correct System For Me?

There are a million diets available AND most of them will work if you stick at them, but people rarely do.
Like any real changes, they need to happen inside before they have any effect outside.
In my opinion these should include a strong combination of the following…
  • Basic Rules of Weight Loss
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Nutrition Education
  • Personal Expert Coaching
  • Life eCoaching
  • Accountability
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Mind & Body Wellness Programme

6) Why Bother At All? What Will The Right System Give Me?

When you get the right weight loss solution, you will experience a new lease of life.
Simply put – At the very least…
  • You WILL lose weight every week.
  • You WILL have a different relationship with food.
  • You WILL make better choices.
  • You WILL enjoy higher health and energy levels (within the first week)
  • You WILL become more confident.
  • You WILL have more control over your emotions.
  • You WILL have motivation for exercise.

7) What Are The Best NLP/Hypnosis Weight Loss Systems Available?

I recommend 3.

1) Paul McKenna’s –  ‘I Can Make You Thin’ system.

2) Martin and Marion Shirran’s Gastric Mind Band Therapy

3) My own Slimfast NLP system.

Slimfast NLP is a proven system combining both clinical and complimentary treatments.

This system will allow you to understand AND CHANGE the issues affecting your weight and give you a whole sense of freedom.

Change is gradual but effects can be felt immediately as you begin a new attitude and understanding to eating, exercise and success.


Want To Know More?

Contact me directly…

Or call me on +971505524316
More details on

All the best.


I’ve always been a huge fan of super heroes ever since my parents bought me X-men #5 to stimulate my interest in literature.

I’ve even interviewed Stan Lee (the creator of Marvel) during my BBC radio days.

Strangely enough, 20 years ago, only the geekiest among us knew what an exclusive that really was.

Like the rest of those kids, I’ve waited a life-time for CGI to catch up enough to do justice to those stories.

Superheroes are the modern day Roman/Greek mythology.

That’s why the stories work so well.

Years later with a business and a family, the superhero mindset is still active.

Watch this and find out everything you need to know…

We also have in Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (or The Avengers outside of the UK) one of the best selling films of all-time.

Others are enjoying the ride too.

I’ve recently noticed some useful business tips too.

That’s why I wrote this.

So that’s my geek origin, how can The Avengers help your business?

Here’s 7 ways…

Marvel's Avengers Assemble

To understand this best you have to remember that The Avengers are exciting because they are completely conflicting characters with personality types but each one has a special skills set.

They also bring with them a great deal of emotional baggage which makes their outside achievements all the better because you understand their back story.

And they like to blow stuff up.

So here we go…

The Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Mortals

7 Super Business Tips To Turbo Charge Your Success

1) Technology

Iron Man is the technology king but each one embraces science with a new set of eyes knowing that this may give a ‘life and death’ edge over their adversaries.

Iron Man - Are you using the best new technology for your business?

Do you use tech the same way? Are you embracing social media, the internet and integrating them with you business? Do you outsource the hard work and build a virtual team (like Jarvis the computer butler) who can do all the heavy calculations so that you don’t have to?

Things to do?

i) Give your business a technology makeover.

ii) Get internet savvy.

iii) Hire a virtual assistant


2) Origins (Life long struggle)

Whether you are born rich (like Tony Stark, born to nobility (like Thor) or coming from nowhere (like Captain America), you have something useful in your background to rebel against.


Thor - Sometimes it's tough to be a god

Tough upbringing, difficult childhood, cruel boss etc  The circumstances are all yours but the BIG question is – What are you going to do about it?

No more ‘boo hoo’ – winners take action and overcome all odds. Even if you have a comfortable life, find something discomforting to change.

Your company may need to implement a CSR or you may need to discover your own noble goal.

Without throwing down the gauntlet, you will never be able to judge how far your adventure has progressed.

Things to do?

i) Get a coach or a mentor

ii) Set your business/noble goals

iii) Go get them


3) Assemble Your Team

You don’t have to be able to buy everything. You can also charm, persuade, cajole,  invite, joint venture, trick, bribe, blackmail etc your way into getting your group together.

The strength in any team comes from their difference in skills and temperaments. You can use the best tool for the job. Sometimes you just need a Hulk to batter things, other times a super spy (like Black Widow) or a marksman (like Hawkeye) are the right person/instrument to get the job done.

Nick Fury may be the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D but he’s also the make with the plan.

Nick Fury - Assembling the best team

He’s getting a team together and then sending them in to battle his problem.

Captain America is NOT the most powerful team member BUT he is the strategist and the one able to command them in action. Base your team around you and recruit from your network to find the best players.


Captain America - handy to have around

These may be employees, a mastermind group or a business club.

Do you need to improve your website, increase your sales or take a fresh look at your monthly expenditure. If they are not the best use of your time – get someone else in to do it.

Some may be occasional participants, others may come back every time by sheer popular demand.

Like the Avengers, the team roster can change accordingly depending on the challenge ahead.

Things To do?

i) Create/check your business plan

ii) Discover what’s missing

iii) Network and recruit


4) Stress Management

Get to grips with your ‘real enemy’ – it’s yourself, the rest is all window dressing.

Regardless of deadlines, financial obstacles or limited resources YOU are the only one who can make a difference and therefore you are the most important part of your business.

Sometimes you should 'just smash'.

Understand emotional intelligence (EQ – do a course), meditate to get clarity, use hypnotherapy to get rid of your inner demons and employ a life or business coach to help you focus on achieving all your goals.

Sometimes becoming The Hulk and blowing your top IS the best solution to the problem – as long as you know that throwing weight and confronting the issue head on has consequences. It can prove that you have a side that shouldn’t be taken lightly and sometimes it’s just nice to hit something.

Things to do?

i) Go on an EQ/NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) /Hypnotherapy study course

ii) Learn to relax

iii) Take more breaks


5) Focus (on the goal)

Regardless of what happens, the Avengers are there to ‘get things done’. This could be sending aliens back home, making vengeful Gods think again before attacking our planet or preventing World War Three.

In every case, they will do ‘whatever it takes’  to achieve that end result. Anything less means global disaster and the end of life as we know it.

Whilst the consequences for failure might be slightly less dramatic in your own case, it helps to keep yourself at a competitive pace.

Aim for the stars and you’ll hit the moon.

So set some ambitious goals for your business and throw everything you have at making them a reality.

Also when you focus sometimes the best way to get results is to become a sharpshooter rather than a shotgun.

Hawkeye might not be the Avengers most powerful member but he’s awesome at what he does best. Firing arrows and hitting stuff.


Hawkeye - laser focused

6) Sacrifice

Be prepared to lose a few friends, family members and teeth to get the end result.

Every hero becomes ‘super’ because of the efforts they make and the tough experiences which they have to go through.

Tony Stark has to keep metal shards from piercing his heart, Thor has family issues and Captain America has lost EVERYONE he has ever known and loved.

The Black Widow has to live with her dark past as an assassin and everything she’s ever done.

Black Widow - more than lycra jumpsuits in her closet


They have to make difficult decisions accordingly.

So do you.

The ‘power of 7′ dictates that the average of your wealth and happiness throughout your life will be an average of the 7 people closest to you.

Therefore, if some of your friends are jobless, so at some time will you be.

On the other hand if you socialize with multi-millionaires, the odds are, their contacts list and money making techniques will be available to you too.

If this is to mean something then prepare to lose the negative influences in your life. They could be staff, friends or even a partner.

You may have to work overtime or hold back on holidays to get your business up to speed.

It’s all part of the job description.

Things to do?

i) Make a list

ii) Prioritize the order list

iii) Finish one thing before moving on to the next 


7) Faith In Yourself

Regardless of what is happening around them, in spite of all evidence saying that the battle is already lost, The Avengers never give up.

The Avengers - Trust me - don't argue

Neither should you.

Sports stars get better results when they have faith in a higher spiritual power (or religion) the same is true for any high achievers. It creates conditioning, it helps you to form a thick skin against painful limiting beliefs and it also allows you to perform ‘superhuman’ feats against all odds.

It’s during the darkest moments when true heroes are created and it’s never about the circumstances at hand but only about how you deal with them.

Quite simply NEVER GIVE UP.

So how does this work?

Things to do?

i) Discover your real motivators (reasons for doing what you do)

ii) Create a vision board

iii) Create a ‘support network’ (friends, family, colleagues, partners, hired help)


Can you really produce superhuman results by shifting your mindset and challenging the impossible?

Judge for yourself.

Watch one of my stage hypnosis shows and you decide…


Good luck with your business…

Happy Avenging…

Best Regards



My life just went full circle.

I met and interviewed Jack Canfield.

He rocks.

Want to know what he said?

Read on…

Jack Canfield - America's Number 1 Success Coach (and me),

You might know of him.

  • Author of ‘The Success Principles’
  • Co-Author of the ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ series.
  • Star of ‘The Secret’ movie.
  • He’s known as America’s number 1 Success Coach.
  • He’s sold over HALF A BILLION books.
  • He recently sold one of his businesses for 63 million USD.
  • He’s one of the most recognizable faces in business and personal development.

The key to self-development is very simple…

Have you ever woken up and wanted more?

  • More cash.
  • More cool friends.
  • More appreciation for what you do.
  • More rewarding challenges.

Basically more from anything in your life?

If so, you have probably experienced a similar need for LESS…

  • Less complex problems.
  • Less financial debt.
  • Less stupid people in your life.


Less stress.

We have all had it tough at some point regardless of our initial position.

Ever since we were little babies

I used to look like this…

Me aged 0 and a half (ish).

Since that picture was taken, I spent the next 30 odd years busily chasing my own tail around the world.

Then I stopped.

I hit a brick wall and everything I believed was important truly ceased to be.

(I will tell you the full story another time).

Took a deep breath and reinvented myself.

I went from DJ to healer in one day.

This is true.

I remember when I’d just started launching myself as a hypnotherapist in Dubai.

I felt very lost and directionless until my friend Jorn bought me a copy of Jack Canfield’s  – ‘The Success Principles’

Jack changed my life!

I’d been one of the countries best known DJ/radio personalities and realized that if I wanted to establish myself as a motivator and really help others, I’d have to distance myself from my old image.

No-one trusts a guy who gets them drunk to cure their childhood issues.

With that one book I found the courage to start my new adventure.

I felt a new wave of confidence I’d never had before.

I threw away all the things that used to mean everything to me.

That meant playing down winning Blind Date on national British TV

Winning Blind Date - many many years ago...

It meant dumping all the perceptions of a rock and roll lifestyle…

Onstage with Muse, Iron Maiden and Kanye West

It meant distancing myself from all the cool interviews I’d ever done in radio…

James Brown, The Godfather of Soul (and me).

All the premium events and launches I’ve hosted…

With Bruce Willis at the opening of Planet Hollywood Dubai.

and all the cool superstars I’ve worked with…

With Enrique Iglesias

In short, it was a complete reinvention of everything I’d ever worked towards.

But it was worth it.

I replaced my interest in music with talking books.

I devoured the training materials of my heroes and peers…

With Ormond McGill, the grandfather of hypnosis.

Many of them household names…

With NLP and Hypnosis expert and author Paul McKenna.

And business gurus…

With Raymond Aaron and Vishen Lakhiani

Until I felt able to create and launch my own products.

Just some of my own motivational product range.

Some became my clients and many my friends…

With Hritik Roshan and Simi Garewell

It all comes full circle…

Jack Canfield with my 'Now That's What I Call Hypnosis Vol 1' CD

It’s all come full circle.

I have my own weekly web TV show ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand TV‘ watched by thousands in 86 countries…

You can see the full Jack Canfield interview here…

So here’s what I have learned…

10 Things Jack Canfield Taught Me About The Secret Success Principles

1) Be authentic and genuine. There is only one you because everyone else is already taken.

2) Be happy. It makes even the bad days seem like fun.

3) Be passionate. It’s addictive to others too.

4) Get a mentor. It will take too long and hurt too much on your own.

5) Get a plan. Without one, how will you know you’ve got there?

6) Dream big. There is enough for everyone.

7) Get accountable. Mastermind group, partners, coaches whoever will hold you accountable.

8)  Share the wealth. However large or small, give to others and it comes back even bigger EVERY TIME.

9) Take it easy on yourself. Reprogram the self-talk so you love living in your own skin whatever the face staring back at you in the mirror might say.

10) Never give up. The breakthrough you are looking for is getting closer with every step you take. This is a fact. Just keep on stepping!!!


Whoever you are, wherever you live and wherever you are going, I’m so glad you stopped by here and said ‘Hi’ as part of your journey.

Let me know how I can help you.

Please leave a message of encouragement for all the others on their journey at the bottom of this page…

Have an awesome day.


I thought I’d just ‘shake the tree’ for a change…

A very short and sharp 'wake up' call...

Bill Gates - smarter than the average billionaire...

I loved this picture and decided it was time to share it with a few close friends.

Here’s my own guide to life…

So here we are…

21 Rules Your Kids Did Not And Will Not Learn In School

Rule 1: Life is not fair – get used to it!

Rule 2: The world doesn’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself.

Give it anyway...

Rule 3: You will not make $60, 000 a year right out of high school. You won’t be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss

Deal with it...

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping. They called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you messed up, it’s not your parents fault, so don’t whine about your mistakes. Learn from them.

Don't get me started...

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren’t as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills. Cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent’s generation, try delousing the closet on your own room.

Unless you really, really, really want them...

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers. But life has not. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they’ll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to anything in real life.

Wasn't your school life just like this?

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. Do that on your own time.

Rule 10: Television is not real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

If only real life had a 'laughter track'.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds, chances are you’ll end up working for one.



Rule 12. Nobody instantly loves you, but your family (and that’s not guaranteed) every one else bases the relationship on what is in it for them and when the answer is ‘nothing’, they will be gone.

Of course, you will find them again. On Facebook.

Rule 13.  You should outlive your pets and your children should outlive you. Any other order is a tragedy.

The Truth About Cats And Dogs.

Rule 14. It’s better to live life as a lion than a sheep, unless you like long winters doing nothing and wearing woolly jumpers.

Rule 15. You are allowed to do as many naughty/bad things as your want to, UNTIL you find out that they are naughty and bad. Then your  conscience will spoil all enjoyment from that moment on.

The famous 'Good dog, Bad Dog' dilemma.

Rule 16. Only one person will be present at every stage of your life until the very end. Be true to yourself first as  the negative voices will sound like your best friend instead.

Rule 17. Banks are bad for you. They DO NOT have your best interests at heart.

  • If you are in debt they will make money.
  • If you take a load they will make money.
  • If you are using credit cards they will make money.
  • If you are struggling with mortgage repayments, car commitments and growing utility bills they will make money.

BUT If you are making money and have lots of cash in the bank, you are not the kind of customer they truly want because you won’t be making them any money.


Rule 18. Death and taxes are the only things guaranteed in life UNLESS you become an expat in which case you will only have to work on living forever.

So far I’m doing fine…

No longer guaranteed?

Rule 19. Happiness comes from the adrenalin/endorphin rush caused by a combination of being tested and emotionally, physically or spiritually stretched to capacity and still managing to win. It’s called being ‘in the zone’ and athletes use it to win gold. Chocolate comes a close second when you are not so fussy about the quality of your happiness.  

And don’t want to move.

SMILE and you're already winning!

Rule 20. If you don’t think you have anything interesting to add, nobody else will either. So say it anyway, it’s the best way to find out for sure.

Too subtle?

Rule 21. Never ask for permission. People are trained to tell you ‘No’. Instead, just do it and apologize later (if still required or if you can still be bothered).

Welcome to your new life...

I don’t necessarily agree with or advocate ALL the above statements.

There may be more completed versions available and there will always be detractors. But if they have made you think and question a few ‘home truths’ they did the job that was intended.

Feel free to share it with friends and those who need to step outside their comfort zone once in a while.


What Life Is Really All About.



Check out

Was 2011 a tough year for you?

95% of the people I have talked to said ‘Yes’.

The other 5% are either financially independent, very savvy or just lying to keep up appearances.

Luckily for you,  I have the solution.

Watch this…

Remember to sign up for the freshest coolest new shows

EVERY SINGLE WEEK… 2012 is looking rosier if you understand and implement these essential 12 things…

12 Top Tips And Upgrades You Must Make For Your Business in 2012

1) Stop Talking About The Recession

No more recession. This is the new economy...

I’m sorry to burst your bubble. There is no recession.

THIS is the NEW ECONOMY!!! Money is tighter. Competitors are more cutthroat.

Everybody wants full value and doesn’t want to pay full price for it.

Got that?

Cool, well carry on now…


2) Understand Businesses Must Make Money

Do you have the right business tools?

If it doesn’t make money,  it’s a vanity project.

Even if a charity is ‘not-for-profit’,  they have to something to cover overheads.

Without a generous benefactor to bail them out, they are doing a gross disservice to their dependents.

Start making money.


3) Recognize the new ‘currencies’.

Despite the cash elements of previous point#2, people are willing to pay for influence, introductions and barter services.

It’s war-time again.

Swapping a chicken in exchange for medical services may yet make sense again.

And then there’s Facebook credits…

Facebook Credits. The biggest bank you never knew about.


4) Get Online (and then back offline again).

Make a strategy.

Talk to an expert.

Attend courses and implement social media marketing.

Then turn up at networking meetings and press the flesh.

Leads for business, introductions to new friends and fascinating insights can happen through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube, but the really hot deals will be made face-to-face.

People like to post, but they also like to watch TV, listen to the radio and read magazine.

For now at least. Build both into your future plans.


5) Declare Yourself To Be An Expert (In Something).

Get a business title.

Write a book, start speaking at industry events, keep a blog etc.

Whatever the options available work to rise above the ‘white noise’ and clutter of Google.

The competition will be doing the same as you. Until you tell everyone how you are the best in your niche.

Once you have their attention, prove it’s true.


6) Get Your Voice

Pay for public speaker training.

Want To Get Your Voice Too?

An expert (like me) will help you overcome fears, sharpen your message and teach you how to deliver it to anyone at anytime.

Learn as early as you can. Communication is everything in a socially based economy.

It is currency in itself whether you are a student attending job interviews or a CEO hosting them.

It will also add +30% to your annual salary FOR LIFE!!!


7) Get A Mentor

Everyone needs something.

Everyone Needs A Mentor.

You need guidance.

The expert needs to share and teach.

i) Find the guru.

ii) Approach them politely (get introduced, offer to help their charity, stalk gently).

iii) Request occasional brainstorming advice.

iv) Pay for their coffee.

Get one for each road map which your career needs.


8) Get Mental.

Your mindset is the benchmark by which the outside world will judge you.

Get Some Positivity.

It’s also the only thing that will keep you being successful. Become a life-long learner and get a life-coach.

If you are waiting until you ‘need’ one, you already do.

So Sell it first, create brochures afterwards.


9) Become A Publishing House

You have a product, service or message, tell the world about it.

Publish. A Lot.

Social media is a very good way to start.

Industry magazines, newspapers and other media are the next step…

You’d be surprised how much your individual message will carry and will be passed on as long as it is about ‘What people want to hear’ rather than ‘What you want people to hear’.

One way communication is dying (if not already dead).


10) Start Contacting the Dead

How Many Dead Contacts Do You Have?

Well not quite. Contacting the dead leads, former colleagues and acquaintances that you’ve ignored for years.

Let them know you care and offer your services again. In a fast moving business world, buying from someone you know, like and trust hasn’t changed.

How many pre-converted clients are you ignoring? How many are in new jobs? how many would just love your advice and would be willing to connect you with people who could actually pay for your services?

Dig out the Rolodex, invite them to LinkedIn and start chatting again…


11) Ask.

Ask questions, do surveys and gauge client feedback.

Ask Big Questions.

Your good old ideas about great business sense might still be as good as they ever were, but your clients might have changed their way of thinking.

If everyone is bartering, what can you do to give value whilst costing you less?

Always Seeking Knowledge is a smart way to re-evaluate anything and one you know the results, reinvent your business, trim the fat and step back into the breach.

There’s always cash, you just have to know where to dig.

12) Let Off Steam

Learn to ‘chillax’.

Work Hard - But Enjpy It Better.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your business. Meditate, study NLP or attend yoga classes but start reducing stress and stop worrying.

We are all a long time dead and when it finally does happen, you won’t have to care anymore anyway.

Any questions?

Ask me anytime…

Enjoy the show.


It's Going To Be An Amazing Year...

Happy Hunting.


Happy 40th Birthday UAE.

I have been here 17 years in Abu Dhabi,AjmanDubaiFujairahRas al-KhaimahSharjah, and Umm al-Quwain, and I have much to celebrate as a British expat, life been good.

We are here…


And here’s why…

40 Reasons Why I Love Living In The UAE

1) It’s bright every day (you can tell it’s morning when you wake up).

Good morning Dubai.

2) It’s warm. Sometimes too warm, but never cold enough to need a coat.

3) The Police are nice. They know you are not armed, on drugs or stealing something. If you are they WILL find you. Then you WILL leave.

4) I watched the Gulf wars from both sides. I have lots of American, Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan friends. None are idiots. Nor did they see anything but the real truths.

5) I can now get everything I need here. No more excess baggage fees.

It's nice to travel.

6) I don’t get upset over politics anymore. Nobody asks, nobody cares what I think. It’s sometimes better.

7) The streets are always clean. It makes a difference.

8) Petrol is very very cheap. I couldn’t afford to push my Land Cruiser in the UK.

Home please.

9) I’ve got fatter on 5 star hotel food. It was awesome on the way in.

10) I have run a radio station.

11) Here,  I’m British NOT black.

12) There is very little crime (or at least we don’t live in fear of hoodies).

13) They look after their own people. Benefits, great wages and free villas. Good for you.

14) They let you celebrate Christmas. Not the ‘festive season’.

Happy Xmas All.

15) And Eid.

16) And Diwali.

17) And Chinese New Year … etc

18) You can go camping 60 minutes drive from your house.

19) You can have friends from 200 countries.

20) You can have free holidays in 200 countries (see above).

21) I met and married my wife in the UAE (well we met in Bahrain).

22) Our daughter Maya was born here.

My girls.

23) My best friend from Redcar, Paul Foreman now lives in Abu Dhabi and we get to play PS3 like kids again.

24) Every year something amazing and world beating happens.

25) We have the Burj Al Arab.


26) We also have the Burj Khalifa.

New Star Wars poster?

27) Tom Cruise filmed Mission Impossible 4 on it.

Tom. Very happy.

28) I worked with James Brown and loads of other megastars.

JB Got Soul

29) I performed sell out hypnosis shows.

30) I became a corporate motivational speaker.

31) My best friend always end up coming back (Jeff Price, David Swain, George and Tracy Hopkin etc).

2) You get to enjoy all concerts really close to the stage.

Desert Rock Festival.

33) I’ve met some of the world’s biggest internet stars. They all want to come here.

Internet gurus

34) Famous footballers, reality TV stars and soap celebrities aren’t famous over here because we don’t watch so much TV.

35) They love their Royal family and vice versa.

36) Everything looks fab (night and day).

37) I got to entertain for 11+ years at Dubai Rugby Sevens.

38) Plus one World Cup.

39) It feels like home to me. For now.

My place in sun.

40) The UAE rocks. Happy birthday to everyone who lives here.


Thanks for everything to UAE’s first president, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, his eldest son, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE’s Supreme Council of Rulers, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan,  Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and all those who made the last 40 years possible and my last 17 years incredible.

I hope I have contributed as much as I have received…



Are you planning a company event soon?

It’s the season for celebrations of every kind.

  • Annual staff parties.
  • MICE events.
  • Gala dinners.
  • Awards ceremonies.
  • Team building days.
  • Client rewards evenings.
  • Family fun days.
  • Shareholder get togethers.


Did you know the recession has recently just revealed some diamonds in your back yard?

Do you know what you are looking for?

It’s true.

PLUS these are great opportunities for making money, boosting morale and creating measurable ROI!

So what are those gems I mentioned?

Well, according to influential business magazine, one of the 18 biggest growth industries in 2012 is self-improvement.

See the full list here:

Everybody really wants it.

Lucky for me, this is also my line of business.

That’s why I wanted to help you discover what you need to do before hiring a speaker for your big gig.

The Jump And Grow Wings Motivation System

This makes sense as people need an extra lift, a new direction and an innovative way to deal with a tougher playing field.

People need more from their lives.

That information has huge potential (50%+ ROI), but used wrongly you could lose a client, get a bad reputation OR even worse, have to refund everything.
Here’s how you can get it right first time…

10 Mistakes Most Event Organizers Make When Booking Their Speaker:

1) Not Identifying client’s meeting/event objectives.
What do they want? Are there other options available that they haven’t yet considered? Is the speaker’s presentation 100% of the solution or do they need to be return with other programs to share over a 12 months period? Negotiate with both parties on that.

Ask the client what they want.

2) Not selecting the right speaker/entertainer for the function.
Google them and ask people you trust in the industry. Do they have a proven track record of doing exactly this kind of thing before? Are they easy to work with.

There are a lot of dodgy speakers out there.

3) Not engaging and starting work with the prospect list in advance.
Your speaker should have digital materials (videos, audios and books) that can be used to start the motivational process before and after the event as well as during. The client will appreciate this added value (and often pay for it) PLUS you are guaranteed a bigger turnout because people now will be curious to see the speaker in person.

Let the audience be your judge.

4) Not optimising a high impact event.
Keynote address, team building activities, workshops and cabaret entertainment. A great speaker can do provide all 4. Ask them then tailor the event to the strengths of the speaker with branding, materials and a schedule all in place BEFORE they even speak.

Your speaker needs to bring something for everyone

5) Not using social media.
Any good speaker is already a minor celebrity online. Invite the client, the attendees and other potential future corporate event organisers to connect with them through Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Take a look at their You Tube channel and help to build up the reputation and expectancy of the attendees. Remember this is free for you and great for everybody.

Your speaker should be connected

6) Not paying their expected fee.
This is his/her job. They get paid high wages and work far less hours than you. But they are 24/7 100% researching and honing their craft and reputation. Would you like a plastic surgeon to operate on the cheap?

Don't go cheap when you want the job done properly

7) Not doubling the speaker as MC/host too.
Many speakers have great entertainment skills which extend to hosting the entire evening AND presenting the keynote speech. Many will do both roles for one fee. This saves you extra cash and makes the success of the overall event more likely as there are fewer ‘X factors’ now involved (like a well meaning CEO with no stage presence but a big ego).

Choose a speaker who can also entertain.

8) Not getting the contact details of all attendees.
If everyone signs up for your/ the speaker’s newsletter and recommends it to a friend, you will double the potential referral numbers. Put collateral on the tables, at the entrance, as a business card draw or on exit. A good speaker will have potential prizes to incentivise.

Utilize every networking single opportunity

9) Not remembering to create back end sales.
Each speaker will have a book, CD, DVD, training system or coaching practise to sell. Strike a commission deal and make it easy for them to sell at the back of the room after their performance. Set up a table and member of staff to take the cash.

Create new ways to 'print' cash.

10) Not talking to me first…
I provide everything above. I have a shortlist of the best suppliers and that 10 minute chat could save you a small fortune both in getting the event mix right AND not losing market share and customers from getting it wrong.

Now please watch this…

Let’s talk…

My mobile is +971 505524316

My email is

I look forward to hearing from you.

Plus one or more of the following:

  1. Please share this article with those looking to hire a speaker.
  2. Please consider the points and upgrade your own presentation if you are a speaker.
  3. Please ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ if you liked reading my article.

Have an awesome day.



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